Lola's Treasure Map

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Reward From:Starts: [12][Epic] Howling Mountain's Biggest Treasure
Quest letter10.png
Lola's Treasure Map
Not dropped on PK death
Quest Item
You feel compelled to open the final treasure map. You look to see the location of the treasure...
Start [Epic] Howling Mountain's Biggest Treasure

Notes : Right click this item to begin the quest.

Map displays this when you click on it:

First Hint: North of Hidden Valley Mines
Second Hint: West of Moongorge
Third Hint: North East of Dead Tree Cave
Fourth Hint: South East of Barren Caves
Mystery Numbers: (50.3, 36.6)

This seems to indicate that the mound you need is somewhere near the Barrow, but that is nowhere close to 50.3, 36.6.

I found Lola's Treasure Box at 30.3, 36.7, just north of Logar.