Limo Desert (Quest Series)

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Limo Desert (Quest Series)
Starting ZoneLimo Desert
Rec. Levels59 to 62
Previous Northern Janost Forest
Next Land of Malevolence
See alsoQuest Series

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Armor Set[edit | edit source]

Nearly all mobs in this zone have a chance to drop pieces of the following sets.

Temple Normal (level 61-62) Normal Gear

The pieces of this level 61-62, Normal Armor and Weapons can drop from practically any mob in the Limo Desert. They may be called by any of the following names. While very good armor with OD and rune buffs, this item set has no item set bonuses.

See also Temple Good

Daily Quests[edit | edit source]

You must be at least level 59 to accept these level 61 Daily Quests, but they can be turned in by anyone level 53 or higher. The House Maid for this zone, Milion Whitefang, is in Kingdom of Limon, but as there are no Dailies that start there it is impossible to quickly and easily switch classes to pick-up or turn-in quests in this zone.

With the exception of [61][Daily][Group] Red Demon of the Desert, no Daily Quest in this zone gives better XP than the dailies in Xaviera at Frontline Camp.

Daily Quest Summary
Level Quest NPC Start Location Needs XP
61 A Lesson Slyker Wanderer Earthsprings Village Kill 10 Rh'anka Wanderers 138,284
61 Not Simple Rock Salt Carter Grey-eye Rock Salt Village Rock Salt Storage Sack Rock Salt Storage Sack ×6 from Rock Salt Mostos 138,284
61 Incubation Plan Yadan Midasar Shattered Hand Research Camp San Colored Turtle Egg ×8 from Pile of Buried Eggs in Dune of the Heavens 138,284
61 Road to the Sky Bael Lason Tomard Wind Riding Feather Wind Riding Feather ×6 from Storm Vulture 138,284
61 Enviable Strength Pliade Rotteneye Tukork Hunting Ground Archer's Weapon ×10 from Iron Tooth Archer in Tukork Hot Springs 138,284
61 In Hot Springs Pliade Rotteneye Tukork Hunting Ground Bones of a Warrior ×6 from Puppet Warrior in Tukork Pass 138,284
61 Sandstorm Protection Nickkers Grey-eye Rock Salt Village Thick Curly Pelt Thick Curly Pelt ×8 from Desert Boshi 147,503
61 Water Saving Method Kailea Nuehor Earthsprings Village Snakeskin with Broken Scales Snakeskin with Broken Scales ×8 from Thorny Sand Viper 147,503
61 Witness a Miracle Mowgli Bugeye Tukork Hunting Ground Turtle Shell Crystal ×8 from Hot Spring Turtle in Tukork Hot Springs 147,503
61 Dragon and the Maiden Kamela Wadas Tomard Zanka Viper Eye Zanka Viper Eye ×8 from Zanka Sand Viper 156,722
61 Mark of the Damned Matakner Shattered Hand Research Camp Gladiator Rune Power Fragment Gladiator Rune Power Fragment ×6 from Heavens Wrath Warrior near Shattered Hand 156,722
61 Source of High Nutrition Yadan Midasar Shattered Hand Research Camp Tender Young Ground Meat ×6 from Young Yasheedee 156,722
61 Thief Hunter Carter Grey-eye Rock Salt Village Stolen Salt Bag Stolen Salt Bag ×8 from Rh'anka Salt Raider 156,722
61 Meat in the Sand is Especially Delicious Kazakh Whitefang (start)
Kuketu Whitefang (end)
Tukork Hot Springs Young Yasheedee in a Bag Young Yasheedee in a Bag ×10 - Use Sturdy Hemp Rope Loop Sturdy Hemp Rope Loop to catch Young Yasheedee 165,941
61 Secret of the Ruins Matakner Shattered Hand Research Camp Rune Fragment of the Gardener Rune Fragment of the Gardener ×6 from Langlokee Gardener in Shattered Hand 175,160
61 Too Hungry to Move Dasheema Eugellinov Earthsprings Village Chunk of Yasheedee Meat Chunk of Yasheedee Meat ×6 from Adult Yasheedee (Elite) 175,160
Group 2
King of the Desert Ecosystem Yadan Midasar Shattered Hand Research Camp Sandstorm Yasheedee Tissue ×6 from Sandstorm Yasheedee (Elite) 193,597
Red Demon of the Desert Tim Schindler Tukork Hunting Ground Kill Crimson Devourer during defense of Tukork Hunting Ground 358,758

Multi-Zone Quest Series[edit | edit source]

Regional Events[edit | edit source]

The Limon in Tukork Hot Springs have started hunting Young Yasheedees again.

Quests by POI[edit | edit source]

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Earthsprings Village[edit | edit source]


Crafting Stations:

by POIQuestsMobs

Skyker Longfur [Mercenary]

Kailea Nuehor

Dasheema Eugellinov

Helghar Bloodfang - see Return the Glory

Rh'anka Thieves[edit | edit source]

Pepenko BugeyeKaleed Whitefang

  1. [60] A Little Revenge - Deliver goods to Kaleed Whitefang
  2. [60] Ruse Success? - Put the Goods Purchased by Limon on the Limon Sand Dune and the Vial of Pepenko's Anesthetic in the water
  3. [60] Whose Lying? - Talk to Pepenko Bugeye
  4. [60] Free Goods - Get Precious Box, Goods Purchased by Limon, Strange Soiled Bag, and Stored Food
  5. [60] Gift of the Limon - Talk to Pepenko Bugeye, open the Strange Soiled Bag, and talk to Pepenko Bugeye again after

Sand Vortex chain[edit | edit source]

Manson SheesoJason DiosMantz Dia

  1. [61][Group] Fear - Kill Sandstone Messenger to enter the Sand Vortex and defeat Sandlord Sesphiroth
  2. [61] Identification - Give the Sand Core Sand Core to Jason Dios
  3. [61] True Professional - Talk to Mantz Dia in Dalanis Old City District
  4. [61] Introductory Element - Sell the Sand Core Sand Core to Mantz Dia

Kingdom of Limon[edit | edit source]


Crafting Stations:

by POIQuestsMobs

Udkar AngerfangBulamos Angerfang

  1. [61] Ambition - Get Windswept Scorpion Eyeball ×10 and Windswept Vulture Meat ×10
  2. [61] Limon Pride - Talk to Bulamos Angerfang
  3. [61] Class Cannot Be Overcome - Observe the confrontation
  4. [61] The Sharpclaw Lie - Talk to Bulamos Angerfang
  5. [61][Group 4] Angerfang Counterattack - Use the Sharpclaw Booty to lure out Sharrow Sharpclaw and, to teach him a lesson about beating up defenseless old people, beat him up and take his Sharpclaw Tooth

You must also complete quests for three NPCs here, Gundat Chiptooth, Yakok Bladetail, and Shiska Crowfeather, to progress in the Return the Glory quest series.

Kawak's Tomb[edit | edit source]

by POIQuestsMobs

Kashatte Angerfang

  1. [62] Legend of the Golden Sarcophagus - Get 10 and Windswept Vulture meat ×10
  2. [62][Group] Secret of the Sarcophagus - Enter Kawak's Tomb and investigate the Golden Sarcophagus
  3. [62] Angerfang Faith - Tell Mulaba Angerfang to stop guarding the tomb

Yadan Midasar [Biologist] at Shattered Hand Research Camp

Matakner [Rune Researcher] at Shattered Hand Research Camp

Windswept Crag[edit | edit source]

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Loose Pile of Sand - Book Buried in the Sand Book Buried in the Sand: "The Riddles of History"

  • This does NOT start a quest. It just provides lore for this zone.

Rock Salt Village[edit | edit source]

by POIQuestsMobs

Carter Grey-Eye [Guard]

Nickkers Grey-Eye [Foreman]

While you are here, be sure to gather Rock Salt Rock Salt ×10 from Lump of Rock Salt in the mines for Shiska's Request in the Return the Glory quest series!

Dune of the Heavens[edit | edit source]

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Kafarg's Lair[edit | edit source]

by POIQuestsMobs

This is the starting point, for this zone, of the Envoy of the Dragons quest series.

Tomard[edit | edit source]

by POIQuestsMobs

Kamela Wadas

Bael Lason

Zanka's Dune[edit | edit source]

by POIQuestsMobs

Bigmouth FrogskinMi'siNorel Angerfang

  1. [61] Split Up - Find the Scattered Jewelry in Zanka's Nest
  2. [61] Respect for the Dead - Search Corpses in Zanka's Nest to find Jewelry in a Skeleton
  3. [61][Group] Revenge - Kill Zanka the Dragon and return the Battered Crest to Norel Angerfang

Zanka's Nest[edit | edit source]

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Shattered Hand[edit | edit source]

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Shattered Hand Research Camp[edit | edit source]

by POIQuestsMobs

Yadan Midasar [Biologist]

Matakner [Rune Researcher]

unlocked by completing Differences Between Ancient Civilizations in the Envoy of the Dragons quest series
Matakner [Rune Researcher]

  1. [61] Survey - Carefully survey Shattered Hand
  2. [61] Preparations - Get Unknown Device ×10 from Heaven's Wrath Warriors and Langlokee Guardians
  3. [61] Cave Survey - Enter the cave, use the Message Reception Device with Heaven's Wrath Executor targeted, then kill it.

Tukork[edit | edit source]

Oasis[edit | edit source]

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Tukork Hunting Ground[edit | edit source]

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Mowgli Bugeye

Kazakhh Whitefang

Pliade Rotteneye

Tim Schindler

Tukork Pass[edit | edit source]

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Tukork Hot Springs[edit | edit source]

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