Kalin Shrine

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Map of Kalin Shrine
Rise of the Demon Lord

This page refers to content introduced at launch, with Chapter I: Rise of the Demon Lord.

Zone Information
Continent Candara
Type Instanced Dungeon
Expansion Ch.I: Rise of the Demon Lord
Level Range 50 to 65
Connecting Zones Dust Devil Canyon (north of Lake Ousul)
Max Players 6
Progress Saved? No
Easy Mode Available
Hard Mode Available
Quests Mobs Loot Objects

Best route from Varanas to Kalin Shrine: Take Snoop Portal to Obsidian Citadel, then travel through Dust Devil Canyon, cross the bridge, and descend to the river. Follow the river north to Lake Ousul.

Please see Instance List for a table of all Instances, by the zone they are found in, and the quests that are involved with them.


During ancient times, the Kalin Shrine was one of the seal towers. Even at that time it was regarded as an ancient relic, which was believed to help prevent the demons from spying. The humans then secretly began to build this seal tower underground.

In the legends of Tempest Height this place was described as the sunken palace, and was said to be where the “Sea Kings” dwell. When people go fishing here, it is common practice to kneel down and pray in the direction of the shrine to ask the Sea King to give them food and grant them passage to the lake.


The following quests are involved with this Dungeon:

See Dust Devil Canyon (Quest Series)#Kalin Shrine for more information



  • Tank 10k HP
  • Mage 7k HP
  • Healer 7k HP
  • MeleeDD 8k HP
  • Bosses: 6

Iron Rune Warrior

This boss has massive damage, so you really need a good tank. But, the most important tactic here is that everyone except the tank should be behind the runewalker INSIDE meleerange (inside the red circle around the boss when you target him). It has a "power build-up" which will hit the person who is the furthest away from the boss. This person has to be the tank, since the power build-up will instantly kill any other person in the party. Even for a tank, this skill hits a pretty decent amount of damage, so keep your heals ready! Sometimes the boss randomly turns around and attacks someone else. Tank just have to use 1 aggro skill and it's back on you. It also stuns the tank sometimes, and it has an AoE attack.

Yusalien (Skippable)

This is one of the nastiest bosses. Tank it in the middle. It has quite low damage (Sometimes a 3k AoE). After a while, it randomly freezes one person in the party. When it freezes someone, hammers will appear at random spots in the room. Find the hammer and use it on the frozen player by clicking on the hammer while standing near him. A little while after this, he freezes five people. The one person who is not frozen, should go grab a hammer and unfreeze one. Then these two should both grab hammers and unfreeze people and so on until all people are unfrozen. If you don't do this in time, the frozen people will receive a 122k hit. You have about 25 seconds to unfreeze all five players. It does this freeze trick till it dies.


To reach this boss, jump down in the water and run to the bridge. When you walk on the bridge, Locatha will jump out of the water. Quite an easy boss, you just need high DPS. There is a little tactic to it though. At a certain point, a random player will receive a DoT. When this DoT ends, four newts with half HP will spawn around the player. These adds don't attack the players, but instead walk towards the boss. Mages have to thunderstorm any adds because if they come close to the boss they increase the strength of the boss. Just DPS Locatha and let mages thunderstorm adds.

Godess of Art's Disciple

The hardest boss in KS probably. You can see alot of barrels around him. The tank should tank him from barrel to barrel. As soon this boss goes Frenzy someone has to smash this barrel down really fast. It'll then bring the boss back to normal and the tank should go to the next barrel. If you dont get him out of frenzy it 1-hit everyone. It also has an HP based AoE. So group heal is needed (one priest group heals, one single heals tank). He does this stuff till he dies.


Kill this boss as soon as possible. Ensia has only a few abilities. It fears the party sometime and it builds up a DoT on everyone. The higher the stack number of the DoT, the higher damage it deals. Therefore it's important to kill her fast.


Tank and spank till 75%, then he disappears and he will summon the Iron Rune Warrior on the left stairs and Ensia on the right stairs. They're both weaker than their "real" versions. Move to the left stairs and let the tank intercept the Iron Rune Warrior, use the same tactic as listed above: stay in melee range. Let Ensia come and kill her first. The tank should only build aggro on the Iron Rune Warrior, so there's no tank at Ensia. Kill Ensia as soon as possible. Then focus on the Iron Rune Warrior. You have about three minutes to kill both before Regin comes back. If you can't kill them in time, you've got three bosses to fight.

You can also walk your party to right side up in the corner. This way you will not have to fight the Iron Rune Warrior, but only Ensia.

Once you've done that, it's once again tank and spank Regin till 20%. At 20% Regin copies himself ALOT and all of these adds use an AoE attack which also stuns you. Avoid this AoE by running all across the room. Note that the adds spawn right on top of you and stun you, so it may be better to jump around than to run, because if you get stunned while in the air the jump will still finish, so you may land out of AoE/stun range. The adds will disappear after like 30 seconds. Then finish the boss and get your loot.

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