Joblid the Giant Flower (Quest)

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[+] Vahtos' Apprentice
 [+] Aslan Valley
  [30] Joblid the Giant Flower (Quest)
Icon - Start Quest.png Start: Becky Norley @ Tavern "The Distillery" (Aslan Valley)
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Icon - End Quest.png End: Becky Norley
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Quest Chain
  1. [27] Vahtos' Apprentice's Premonition
  2. [30] Joblid the Giant Flower

You need to be at least Level 28 to receive this quest.

You need to be at least Level 22 to turn-in this quest.


Beck Norley asked you to kill a large number of Bloodthirsty Demon Vines. Their deaths should emit enough blood smell to attract the creature that sucked all the bear's blood out.

Goals: Kill Joblid the Giant Flower


I know there are a lot of Bloodthirsty Demon Vines in New Moon Forest, but I don't think there are any big enough to kill a bear.

Unless... This monster is some kind of huge Bloodthirsty Demon Vine!

The barely legible text on this page probably says that when a Bloodthirsty Demon Vine dies, it will emit the scent of blood.

If they specifically mention that, it probably means that the monster will appear if you kill a large number of Bloodthirsty Demon Vines...


see Vahtos' Apprentice quest series for more info.

Vahtos' Apprentice's Premonition
Vahtos' Apprentice
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Aslan Valley
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