Inescapable Fate

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[+] Dust Devil Canyon
 [43] Inescapable Fate
Icon - Start Quest.png Start: Darhill Chisom
Icon - End Quest.png End: Sabelia

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  1. [43] Forbidden Love
  2. [43] Inescapable Fate
  3. [43] Sabelia's Decision
  4. [43] Affection Expressing Bell Flower
  5. [48] Unhappy Sabelia
  6. [48] Shape of the Intruder
  7. [48] Lover's Concern
  8. [48] Making a Necklace of Hope
  9. [48] Blessing for Life
  10. [48] Canceling the Engagement
  11. [48] A Very Angry Tamo Siko
  12. [48] Finding the Adventurer
  13. [48] Disheartened Adventurer
  14. [48] Modest Support
  15. [48] Delivering the Ring
  16. [48] Sylvester's Blessing

You need to be at least Level 41 to receive this quest.

You need to be at least Level 35 to turn-in this quest.


Help Darhill Chisom take the Sabelia's Ring and Packing Cloth to Obsidian Stronghold and return it to Sabelia. This will convey his decision to end their relationship.


Sabelia's Ring 0/1
Packing Cloth 0/1


The ring you delivered possesses a kind of protective magic. Her father got it for her when she was young and frail. I cannot accept such a precious item. Besides, the scar on my arm is a mark that belongs only to her. Having this mark, I am satisfied.

If I never showed up, she would not be so sad now... As I understand it, her father made arrangements for her to get married to someone from a great background. If Sabelia marries him, she can be happy...

That's it. I have made my decision. Please return Sabelia's Ring to her and the Packing Cloth she used to bind my wound, and tell her to forget me!

I think that ending our love is the best thing I can do for Sabelia. I am sorry you were not successful in the task she gave you.


How could he say that...

Yes. My father arranged for me to get married to a member of the Order. Though Father admires him very much, and even considers him as his successor, I didn't have a very good first impression of him.

I thought Darhill would stay strong at my side... But now he has decided to give up. So I guess I have no reason to resist my father's wishes.


Experience: 15085
TP: 1508
Money: 1,771