Ice Dwarf Valley

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The Ice Dwarves once lived deep inside the valleys and caves of Dragonfang Ridge, where they mined for valuable ores. Hidden in the dark corridors of their mines, they had hardly any contact to the outside world and the humans didn't even know they existed. But a short while ago, the Dwarven King gave out the order to expand the search for resources and ore to the surrounding mountains. The first victims of these forays were the human settlements on the Dragonfang Hills.

After attacking these settlements, they met the Marl guards, whose strength they couldn’t determine. So the Dwarfs retreated and constructed fortifications in the nearest valley of Dragonfang Ridge. Because of this, all contacts between Kadmos Trading Post and the other settlements were disrupted.

In the North the Ice Dwarfs met the Gnolls of the Dragonfang Ice Plain, who were blocking their way. Even after some heavy fighting, the dwarfs couldn't find a way to break through the blockade.

Surrounded by humans and Gnolls, the Dwarven King had to realize that his plans were thwarted for the time being. In his rage, he tyrannized his own people and incited them to ever more violent attacks against the human settlements and errant adventurers.