Howling Mountains quests

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Quest NPC Summary Rewards
A Beautiful Necklace Dell Obtain Beetle Eyeballs for Dell. Beetle Necklace
A Bit Worrying Agnes Help Agnes by traveling to the Sevaida Woods in the west and killing 10 Wilt-leaf Bats. Gardening Trousers
A Father's Care Dela Norsis Help Dela Norsis by telling Dell, Milaya's adoptive father, about his ward's true past. Logar Cotton Trousers or Logar Leg Guards or Logar Chain Leggings
A Father's Distress George Go to the area surrounding The Dead Tree Cave to find Dion, the son of the town's mayor.
A Friend's Concern Port Shikha, a resident of the Pioneers Colony, seems to have encountered some difficulty with a task. Please help her solve whatever the problem is.
Agnes' Trouble Highly-skilled Doctor Help the Highly-skilled Doctor by finding Agnes in Logar
A Letter from Varanas George Please help George, the mayor of Logar, deliver the letter to the camp of the third company, to the northwest of Logar. Give it to the captain,Furganda.
A Necklace is a Girl's Best Friend George Assist George the Mayor of Logar, by bringing the letter to Dell, and have him confirm whether Milaya's necklace matches the pattern found in the Barren Caves.
Annoyed Alice Alice Help Alice gather 20 bundles of Mountain Demon Grass
Assist the Mayor Dell George, mayor of Logar needs someone to assist him.
Aymi is not food! Hinhus Go into Barren Caves and open the box containing Aymi.
Bear Fur Gloves Mrs. Helen Get 10 Hard Bear Skins from Young Bears and return them to Mrs. Helen.
Blood Sacrifice Katrina Prepare 10 Fresh Wolf Hearts and place them on the Magic Stone Circle in The Barrow. Then kill the summoned demon and bring the Demon Blood to Katrina.
Bring Back the Repaired Weapons Cid Take the weapons and equipment that were fixed by [Cid] to the third company stationed at Barrow and deliver them to [Furganda]. Legionnaire's Belt
Bringing Ore for Repairs Dingle Take the [Ore for Repairs] to Logar and give it to the craftsman [Cid].
Capture Wild Fungi Nicolas Capture 10 Wild Fungi with the Normal Lasso or 1 Wild Fungus with the Gold Rope. Give them to Nicolas.
Claiming Armor Mallor Go to the Pioneers Colony and find Shamp, the merchant selling chain and leather armor, to claim your Armor Gift Bag. Armor Gift Bag
Claiming Weapons Leighton Party Leader Leighton wants you to find weapon merchant Mallor at the front gate of Pioneers Colony and claim the Weapon Gift Bag. Weapon Gift Bag
Claim Your Potions Shamp Continue to the front gate of Pioneers Colony and find Reideen to claim your Potion Gift Bag. Potion Gift Bag
Complete Preparations Reideen You have finished preparations for combat. Report to the leader of the pioneers party, Leighton.
Defeat the Spiders Robin You must help Robin to defeat the Ravine Spiders. Metal Ring HP
Metal Ring MP
Supply Kit
Delayed Supplies Furganda Help [Furganda] find [Pnor], and find out why the supplies haven't arrived yet.
Drinking Lake Water Avril Help [Avril] by going to Lake Alabaster to the south of Pioneers Colony and bringing back [Lake Alabaster Water]
Eliminate the Kobold Scouts Furganda Kill 10 Kobold Scouts spying on The Barrow. Reserve Soldier's Leg Guards
Embedding Runes Port Use the Endurance Rune by embedding it into the Rough Cloth Garment.
Gathering Spider Venom Highly-skilled Doctor The Highly-skilled Doctor in Logar asked you to go to Sevaida Woods in the west to gather 10 samples of Wild Spider Venom Sample. Reagent Ring
Filtering Carbon Stone Avril Help [Avril] by going to the Pioneers Mines to the west of Pioneers Colony and collecting some [Carbon Stones] to use in filtering water.
Fungus Pet? Zily Ante Go to Fungus Garden, to the north-east of Pioneers Colony. Find Nicolas, head of the Varanas Gift Division of the Phirius Workshops and ask for information about Fungus pets.
Gil's New Miner Gyor Use the [Strong Rope] to catch 1 [Red-pincer Cave Crab]; bring it to [Gyor] in Hidden Valley Mines. Cave Crab Shield and,
Choice of
Crab Stompers or,
Leather Protective Boots or,
Cave Crab War Boots
Goblin Warning Gyor Help [Gyor] deliver the remaining [Hidden Valley Supplies], and give his message regarding goblin activities to Party Leader [Leighton].
Golden Statue Auction George Go to the area next to the windmill to the west of Logar and find O'shel, Promotoer of the Auction House. Ask him about the auction of the Mayor's Golden Statue. Choice of
Basic Medicine x 3 or
Basic Spirit Potion x 2
Golden Statue Letter O'shel Take a look at Logar Mailbox to see if there is an item return letter from the Auction House to Mayor George.
Habits of the Kobolds Katrina Help Katrina, researcher for the Eye of Wisdom, to obtain Kobold Food, a Kobold Tool and a Kobold candle. Cracked Leather Belt
Help with the Collecting Hansen Report to Leighton
Hide and Seek Milaya Find Rey and tell him to go home.
House Angel George Trouvez l'ange du foyer Meydo qui vous expliquera comment acquérir une maison.
Insufficient Repair Materials Cid Go to the new mines to the west of Pioneers Colony and find [Dingle]. Bring back the [Ore for Repairs] that [Cid] needs.
Investigate the Moongorge Justin Travel deep into the Moongorge to investigate. Basic Medicine x 5 and Basic Spirit Potion x 5
I've Got a Bad Feeling About This... Highly-skilled Doctor Go to Magic gathering point in the depts of The Dead Tree Cave, to the west of Logar, to collect a sample of magic power and bring it to Sharlin, researcher of the Eye of Wisdom in the Sevaida Woods.
Learn Woodcutting Alice Find instructor Woody Woods and learn woodcutting. Woodcutting - Apprentice
Recipe - Ash Timber
Learn Mining Woody Woods Find mining instructor Hansen and learn mining. Mining: Apprentice
Recipe: Zinc Sand
Learn Herbalism Leighton Find the Herbalism instructor Alice and learn herbalism. Herbalist - Apprentice
Recipe - Mountain Demon Grass Bundle
Lively Reward Leighton Go to the rune scholar Port to claim a Generous Gift! Generous Gift
Lost Clues Vankelo Help Vankelo confirm whether some Kobold Scout is in possession of his Lost Letter
Lost Material Gyor [Gyor] in the Hidden Valley Mines is inviting brave adventurers to enter the depths of Hidden Valley Mines to take back the [Hidden Valley Supplies] left there.
Love Express Mrs. Helen Take Box of Bear Skin Gloves to Mayor George in Logar. Cubskin Piecemeal Belt
Making Winter Clothes Shikha Shikha, requires soft Wolf Cub Pelts to make warm clothes. Help Shikha obtain 5 Wolf Cub Pelts from the Young Wolves to the east of Pioneers Colony.
Milaya's Origin George Help mayor George by traveling to the Barrow to find [Vankelo] and ask about his investigation.
Newt's Liquid Justin Obtain 5 samples of Newt Fluid and 5 samples of Shadow Newt Fluid for Justin. Basic Medicine x 5 and Basic Spirit Potion x 5
Not Your Grandmother's Soup Gil Give the Fresh Beetle Soup to Dell.
Obtaining Strange Material Katrina Go into Barren Caves, obtain the Strange substance from the Crystal Ore and give it to Katrina.
Patterns Everywhere Dell Take the news from Dell about Milaya's necklace matching the cave pattern to George, the mayor of Logar.
Plant Mutations Sharlin Head to The Dead Tree Cave in the west of Logar, and gather 5 samples of Plant Sample. Bring them to Sharlin, researcher in the Sevaida Woods. Basic Medicine x 5 and Basic Spirit Potion x 5.
Posting Quests Leighton Take the Daily Quest Poster to the Pioneers Colony Bulletin Board.
Progress Update Shikha Report on Shika's progress making warm clothing to Leighton.
Protect My Throat Woody Woods Help Woody Woods to obtain some throat medicine from Alice.
Registering Your Transport Portal Meydo Find Snoop the Stubborn's disciple Christine to register your recall point.
Regular Report on Pioneers Colony Leighton Report to George in Logar
Report In Laif Cindai Go to Pioneers Colony to report in to Leighton, the leader of the pioneers party.
Return of the Golden Statue Logar Mailbox Take the Auction House Letter to George, the Mayor of Logar. Custom Weapon Coupon
Choice of
Basic Medicine x 3 or
Basic Spirit Potion x 2
Return of the Letter Vankelo Help [Vankelo] by bringing the [Clue Letter] back to [George] in Logar.
Rey's Toy Peter Help Peter retrieve Rey's Toy from the Newt. Peter's Homemade Sword
Safe and Sound George Report back to George, mayor of Logar, about having found Dion. Basic First Aid Potion x 10
Seal the Magic Stone Circle Katrina Use the Demon Blood prepared by Katrina to seal the Magic Stone Circle in The Barrow. Barrow Researcher's Soft Robe or Barrow Searcher's Coat or Barrow Defender's Chainmail
Sharlin's Report Sharlin Bring Sharlin's Dead Tree Cave Report to the Highly-skilled Doctor in Logar.
Singing Passion Woody Woods Help Woody Woods collect 5 Ash Wood.
Sold the Farm Mrs. Helen Help [Mrs. Helen] by talking to [Maidge's Farmer] by the tree in the west and get the [Farm Contract] back. Paide's Remnant
Strange Request Dell Go to the west or north of Logar and collect 10 Beetle Organs from Beetles, and give them to Gil. Roasted Fish x 3 and
Roasted Meat x 3
Strong Boars Black Bolton Help Black Bolton obtain 10 Boar Sawtooth. Wild Boar Leather Leg Guards
Supply Status Pnor Report [Pnor]'s situation to [Furganda], captain of the guard squad.
Support Gyor's Task Leighton Go to the Hidden Valley Mines in the southeast and help [Gyor] carry out his work.
Testing Your Skills Leighton Eliminate some of the Fungi surrounding Pioneers Colony, and get 5 Mushroom Caps. Take them back to party leader Leighton when you have enough.
The Lost Supplies Pnor Go north along the road to find the 10 [Full Grain Bags] lost by [Pnor] during the last shipment. Damaged Cart Chain
The Magical Medicine Alice Take the Miraculous Potion to Woody Woods.
The Magic of the Barrow Katrina Go to The Barrow to look for any strange patterns or markings. If you find any, draw them and give the sketches to Katrina. Toi's Gloves
The Moongorge Discovery Justin Go to the Sevaida Woods region and give the research results to another researcher of the Eye of Wisdom by the name of Sharlin.
Things That Go Bump in the Night Agnes Help Agnes in Logar by destroying the source of the strange sound that is hiding in Moongorge. Choice of Logar Champion Robe or Logar Champion Leather Jacket or Logar Champion Armor and Full-stomach Warrior
Thinning the Herd Gyor Go into Hidden Valley Mines and kill 10 [Goblin Patrolmen]. Choice of
Miner's Belt or
Miner's Chain
Trading Ash Lunga Plepler Collect 20 logs of Ash Wood and sell them to Lunga Plepler, member of the Materials Department for the Howling Mountains branch of the Phirius Workshops. Lettre de remerciements des ateliers de Phirius
Trading Mountain Demon Grass Lunga Plepler Collect 20 pieces of Mountain Demon Grass and sell them to Lunga Plepler, member of the Materials Department for the Howling Mountains branch of the Phirius Workshops. Letter of Appreciation from the Phirius Workshops
Trading Rocks Lyrera Collect 100 Stones and sell them to Lyrera, member of the Materials Department for the Howling Mountains branch of the Phirius Workshops.
Trading Wooden Arrows Lyrera Collect 100 Wooden Arrows and sell them to Lyrera, member of the Materials Department for the Howling Mountains branch of the Phirius Workshops.
Trading Zinc Ore Lunga Plepler Collect 20 pieces of Zinc Ore and sell them to Lunga Plepler, member of the Materials Department for the Howling Mountains branch of the Phirius Workshops. Letter of Appreciation from the Phirius Workshops
Warning Gyor Help [Gyor] deliver a message about the goblins to [Mrs. Helen] at Helen's Farm. Cultivator's Cane
Weapon and Equipment Repair Furganda Help the Guard Party by taking the [Box of Damaged Weapons] to Logar and asking [Cid] to repair them.
Where are you, Peter? Rey Look for Peter and ask him to give the the toy back to Rey.