Howling Mountains (Quest Series)

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Howling Mountains (Quest Series)
Starting ZoneHowling Mountains
Rec. Levels1 to 15
Next Silverspring
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All new Human players start in Hidden Valley, at Pioneer's Colony, which is the southern third of the Howling Mountains.

Epic Quests[edit | edit source]

The following Epic Quest Series starts here, with Lola at Logar in Howling Mountains:

The first chapter of this epic, Chapter I: Treasure Hunt, is often referred to by players as the "Treasure Hunting Quests". See Walkthru of the Treasure Hunting quests on the RoM Forums

Pioneers Colony[edit | edit source]

Mobs to hunt here for stockable Daily drops
Mob Drop Level Daily Quest NPC POI
Fungi Ic Mushroom Stem x10 3 Need More Fungus Stems Leighton Pioneers Colony
Young Wolf Ic Wolf Cub Tail x10 4 Control the Wolf Population Leighton Pioneers Colony
Cave Crab Ic Cave Crab Egg x10 7 Reduce the Cave Crab Population Leighton Pioneers Colony

starts with Laif Cindai

  1. [1] Report In - Laif Cindai asks you to introduce yourself to Leighton.
  2. [1] Claiming Weapons - Pick up newbie weapons from Mallor.
  3. [1] Claiming Armor - Pick up newbie armor from Shamp.
  4. [1] Claim Your Potions - Pick up newbie potions from Reideen.
  5. [1] Complete Preparations - Speak with Leighton.
  6. [1] Testing Your Skills - Collect 5 Mushroom Caps from Fungus for Leighton.
  7. [1] Lively Reward - Speak with Port.
  8. [1] Embedding Runes - Practice embedding a rune into armor that Port gives you.
  9. [1] A Friend's Concern - Speak with Shikha.
  10. [1] Making Winter Clothes - Collect 5 Wolf Cub Pelts from Young Wolves for Shikha.
  11. [1] Progress Update - Speak with Leighton.
  12. [1] Learn Herbalism - Learn Herbalism from Alice.
  13. [1] Learn Woodcutting - Learn Woodcutting from Woody Woods.
  14. [1] Learn Mining - Learn Mining from Hansen.
  15. [1] Help with the Collecting - Speak with Leighton.
  16. [1] Regular Report on Pioneers Colony - Take report to Mayor George in Logar.

continues with George in Logar


  1. [4] Drinking Lake Water
  2. [4] Filtering Carbon Stone

Pioneers Colony Bulletin Board - Daily Quests

A Songbird He Ain't[edit | edit source]

Woody WoodsAlice
Unlocked by earning Woodcutting - Apprentice

  1. [5] Singing Passion - Get Ash Timber Ash Timber ×5
  2. [5] Annoyed Alice - Gather 20 Mountain Demon Grass Mountain Demon Grass
  3. [5] The Magical Medicine - Take the Miraculous Potion Miraculous Potion to Woody Woods

Myconoid Farm[edit | edit source]


  1. [1] Capture Wild Fungi - Enter the Fungus Garden and capture a Wild Fungus (or 10)

Hidden Valley Mines[edit | edit source]


Helen's Farm[edit | edit source]

Mrs. Helen

Logar[edit | edit source]

Silk Mardia

  1. [1] Fungus Pet - Talk to Nicolas at the entrance to Fungus Garden

starts with George

  1. Welcome to Logar:
    1. [5] Golden Statue Auction - Learn about Auctions.
    2. [5] Golden Statue Letter - Look in the mailbox for the returned statue
    3. [5] Return of the Golden Statue - Take the Auction House Letter Auction House Letter back to George.
    4. [5] House Maid - Speak with Meydo.
    5. [5] Registering Your Transport Portal - Speak with Christine.
  2. Barrow:
    1. [10] Milaya's Origin - Find Vankelo at Barrow
    2. [10] Lost Clues - Kill Kobold Scouts till you find the Clue Letter
    3. [10] Return of the Letter - Take the Clue Letter back to George in Logar
    4. [10] A Necklace is a Girl's Best Friend - Ask Dell about the patterns
    5. [10] Patterns Everywhere - Tell George what Dell said.
    6. [10][Group] Final Clue - Destroy Anglie
    7. [11] A Father's Care - Speak to Dell
  3. Dead Tree Cave:
    1. [8] A Father's Distress - Find Dion near Dead Tree Cave.
    2. [8] Safe and Sound - Report back to George that you found Dion
    3. [9] Dion and the Spear of Logar - Speak to Dion
    4. [9] Destruction of the Gathering Magic - Imbue the Spear of Logar Spear of Logar and disperse the Magic Gathering Point inside Dead Tree Cave
  4. [8] A Letter from Varanas - Deliver the Guard Instruction Letter Guard Instruction Letter to Furganda.
  5. [10] Meet the Instructor - Speak to your class instructor in Varanas City
  6. [12] Check in with the Adventurer's Guild - Speak to Daris in Varanas City

This quest series rewards both the Upper Body piece and the Feet piece of the Glory of Logar armor set

  1. [6] A Bit Worrying (Optional) - Kill 10 Wilt-leaf Bats in Sevaida Woods
  2. [6][Group] Things that Go Bump in the Night - Kill Hungry Greyce in the Cavern of Trials in Moongorge
  3. [9] Strength of the Seal - Give Agnes' message to Sharlin
  4. [9] Dion and the Spear of Logar - Speak to Dion
  5. [9] Destruction of the Gathering Magic - Imbue the Spear of Logar Spear of Logar and disperse the Magic Gathering Point inside Dead Tree Cave
  6. [9] Return of the Hero - Take Logar's Skeleton Logar's Skeleton to George


  1. [7] Hide and Seek - Find Rey
  2. [7] Where are you, Peter? - Find Peter
  3. [7] Rey's Toy - Talk to Peter

DellGilGeorgeVankeloDela Norsis
This quest series rewards the Lower Body piece of the Glory of Logar armor set

  1. [6] Strange Request - Obtain 10 Beetle Organs Beetle Organs and give them to Gil
  2. [6] Not Your Grandmother's Soup - Take the Fresh Beetle Soup to Dell
  3. [7] A Beautiful Necklace - Obtain 10 Beetle Eyeballs for Dell
  4. [7] Assist the Mayor - Assist George

Highly-skilled Doctor

  1. [6] Agnes' Trouble - Find Agnes in Logar
  2. [6] Gathering Spider Venom - Obtain 10 Wild Spider Venom Sample Wild Spider Venom Samples from Wild Spiders
  3. [8] Dead Tree Cave Samples - Obtain samples from inside Dead Tree Cave.
  4. [9] I've Got a Bad Feeling About This... - Obtain samples from inside Dead Tree Cave.

Dimitar Windwhisperer [Instrument Maker]


Loudmouth Lars [Scarlet Storm Commander] (outside town, west of Windmill)

Logar Dailies[edit | edit source]

Logar Bulletin Board - Daily Quests

Epic: Bloody Demon Sword - Chapter I[edit | edit source]

For the entire series, see Bloody Demon Sword

LolaJustinMrs. MarianSharlinKatrinaMarisus

  1. [8][Epic] Treasure Hunt - Talk to Lola again to learn the rules
  2. [8][Epic] Treasure Hunt - Stage 1 - Find the first hidden chest in Hidden Valley Mines
  3. [8][Epic] Treasure Hunt - Stage 2 - Find the second hidden chest in Moongorge
    1. [8][Epic] Key Making - Find the 4 items Justin needs
    2. [8][Epic] Spring Water from Moongorge - Take some Moongorge Spring Water to Lola
  4. [8][Epic] Treasure Hunt - Stage 3 - Take the Moongorge Spring Water to Sharlin, then find the third hidden chest in Dead Tree Cave
  5. [8][Epic] Water Dragon - Zanordoth -Take the 3 items you hunted for and place them in a pool above the entrance to Moongorge
  6. [8][Epic] Treasure Hunt - Stage 4 - Find the Fourth hidden chest in Barren Caves
  7. [12][Epic] Howling Mountain's Biggest Treasure
  8. [12][Epic] Secret Agent Lola - Speak to Lola again
  9. [12][Epic] Lola's Recommendation - Take Lola's Recommendation Letter Lola's Recommendation Letter to Marisus in Varanas

Moon Hills[edit | edit source]

Justin [Eye of Wisdom Researcher]

  1. [7] Newt's Liquid - Get 5 Newt Fluid and 5 Shadow Newt Fluid.
  2. [7] Investigate the Moongorge - Investigate Moongorge.
  3. [7] The Moongorge Discovery - Report to Sharlin [Eye of Wisdom Researcher].

Phirius Workshops Recipe Merchants[edit | edit source]

There are two merchants located just outside the Moongorge. They sell recipes for tailors and armorcrafters from levels 17 to 25.

  • Kants Maymof [Phirius Workshops] - sells recipes
  • Telyle Maymof [Phirius Workshops] - Transforms materials for special recipes

These recipes (and the materials needed) are related to the Cave of the Water Dragon.

Sevaida Woods[edit | edit source]


  1. [8] Plant Mutations - Gather 5 Plant Sample Plant Samples from outside Dead Tree Cave
  2. [8] Sharlin's Report - Deliver the report to the Highly-skilled Doctor
  3. [9] Preparation - Find Agnes in Logar

Barrow[edit | edit source]



Black Bolton

Road to Silverspring[edit | edit source]


  1. [10] Porgy's Whereabouts - Look for Porgy in Silverspring
  2. [10] Porgy's Savior - Take Porgy to biologist Bakejam in Silversping

continue with the Silverspring Quest Series

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