Highlands Threat I

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[+] Ystra Highlands
 [+] Khazor's Watchtower
  [39] Highlands Threat I
Icon - Start Quest.png Start: Hogan (Ystra Highlands)
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Icon - End Quest.png End: Hogan
 XP: 21,516
 TP: 2,151
 Gold: 3,000Gold 

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  1. [39] Rescue
  2. [39] Highlands Threat I
  3. [39] Highlands Threat II
  4. [39] Coagulant Creation
  5. Attack!
  6. [39] Mailed Reports

You need to be at least Level 37 to receive this quest.

You need to be at least Level 31 to turn-in this quest.


Defeat 20 Sea of Snow Cyclopes in the Sea of Snow and report back to the Khazor's Watchtower commander Hogan

Sea of Snow Cyclopes 0/20


Let me introduce myself, stranger. I am the Khazor's Watchtower commander. My name is Hogan. I know that you should have heard about me from colonel Hans... I want to say this. A lot of things are not what they appear to be on the surface to ordinary people ...

I know that Hans has always complained about my conservative ways and my persistence. But I know what I'm doing. Hans has always assumed that our greatest enemies are the Cyclopes in Frostwood. Actually, this isn't the case. Otherwise, I wouldn't have risked my own life coming here to try and carry out a secret plan with several stages...

The Cyclopes which pose a real threat are the Highland Cyclopes in the Sea of Snow. Compared to the Cyclopes of Frostwood they are smarter and stronger by far. I think that the lot in Frostwood are nothing but a patrol that they send...

Actually I am supposed to fulfill the missions on my own...But as you know I was injured... So now I need your help to complete my missions!

Kill 20 Sea of Snow Cyclops roaming the Sea of Snow for me. Be careful... They are stronger than those in Frostwood.

Ystra Highlands
Quest Series
Khazor's Watchtower
Highlands Threat II
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