Healing Potion of Redemption

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see also: Health Potions
Worth: 356Gold 
Maximum Stack Size: 99
Recipe Cost: 1,990Gold 
Recipe worth: 1Gold 
Recipe Sold by:

This item is created by AlchemyAlchemy (98).

Alchemy (Production)
Item produce35.png
Healing Potion of Redemption
Requires Level 98
Worth: 356 Gold
Immediately restores 7500.0 HP.

Recipe - Healing Potion of Redemption Recipe - Healing Potion of Redemption
Requires AlchemyAlchemy level 98
Raw Materials:
Blend Rune Blend Rune ×1
Shell Flower Bundle Shell Flower Bundle ×4
Argyrite Sand Argyrite Sand ×2
Worth: 1 Gold
Healing Potion of Redemption Healing Potion of Redemption ×3

As with all AlchemyAlchemy Recipes, the Crafting Cost represents the cost of the glassware plus any cost to use the Crafting Station (as displayed on the Crafting UI).