Harf Trading Post

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Ystra Highlands

Harf Trading Post
Harf Trading Post
Zone Ystra Highlands
Expansion Ch.I: Rise of the Demon Lord
Resources Pine Wood [RP], Dark Crystal [RP], Dusk Orchid [RP], Dragon Beard Root Wood [RP], Mysticite [RP], Green Thistle [RP], Holly Wood [RP], Silver Ore [RP], Barsaleaf [RP], Yew Wood [RP], Wizard-Iron Ore [RP], Moon Orchid [RP], Sagewood [RP], Mithril [RP], Straw Mushroom [RP]
Quest Series Ystra Highlands

The following Service NPCs can be found within this POI. To find your way to one, simply use World Search and enter the name, then follow the arrow.

Crafting Stations:


The name originates from the first word the first post director deployed there spoke after it had been built – well, it seems he just had to sneeze due to the cold. The Harf Trading Post is supposed to maintain the transport route through the Ystra-Highland for the Order of the Dark Glory. For that reason a camp was established first, which in time evolved to a small town. But is not only a resting place for travelling merchants. Because of its close proximity to the homeland of the unique Minotaur culture in the Ystra-Highland a lot of adventurers are drawn to this place. Some are lured by artifacts, which were left behind ages ago, while others are trying to solve the mysteries of the Ice Fairies and dragon skeletons from the Sea of Snow.

Why hunt inside?

Some have asked why should I hunt inside the palisade here when there are so many more mobs just outside? The reason is Social Cooperation. The Khazor Reindeer and Ystra Ferret Cub are both social monsters and will, when attacked, cry out for assistance from others of the same type within hearing of the shout. When you are barely old enough to hunt here this can be very dangerous. Because there are fewer mobs inside the palisade there is less chance of getting mobbed by angry deer or ferrets.


Harf Trading Post
Harf Trading Post
Zone Snowland
Quest Series Snowland

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