Hall of Survivors (Zone)

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Chapter II Instances: Heart of the Ocean, The Origin, Hall of Survivors, Cave of the Water Dragon

File:Map - Hall of Survivors.jpg
Map of Hall of Survivors
The Elven Prophecy

This page refers to content introduced in the expansion, Chapter II: The Elven Prophecy.

Zone Information
Continent Candara
Type Instanced Dungeon
Expansion Ch.II: The Elven Prophecy
Level Range 55
Connecting Zones Silverspring, Savage Lands
Max Players 6 (Easy), 12 (Normal)
Progress Saved? No
Easy Mode Available
QuestsSeries Mobs Loot Objects
Hall of Survivors (Zone)

Rise to the challenge and put an end to one of the greatest follies in the history of Taborea. Amongst lava-damaged ruins lurk seven gigantic man-made guardians which have evaded eradication. Destroy them and their leader, Andaphelmor, before it’s too late...— from us.runesofmagic.gameforge.com

Please see Instance List for a table of all Instances, by the zone they are found in, and the quests that are involved with them.

Trash[edit | edit source]

All trash mobs are 55-57 Crown Elite.

Bosses[edit | edit source]

# Boss Name Ancient Mementos Ancient Mementos
Easy Normal Hard
1 Andriol 4 6
2 Glamo 4 6
3 Guldamor 4 6
4 Vrantal 4 6
5 Zygro 4 6
6 Sydaphex
4 6
7 Andaphelmor 7 10
Totals 31 46 0


Andriol (58 Crown Elite)

Only thing you need to watch is the 3 horses that randomly appear,
try to stay in the middle lane of the field and a bit to the start of it so you can watch further and have more time

3 horses will come running down the field,
1 horse won't move.
Goto the free lane, or stay put if it was the middle one
when the flames clear, go back to the middle lane
(flames do 2000dmg/sec on easy)

Tank and Spank

Hitpoints 3,611,630 HP 4,012,185 HP n/a
Ancient Mementos Ancient Mementos 4 6 n/a


Glamo (58 Crown Elite)

Tank just does his\her thing

Careful! don't use Discharge on the Boss so keep it a few tiles from you mages and healers

A few mobs will spawn to the right of the field (they shouldn't be attempted to kill)
Hunters will just choose a target and create massive aggro on themselves for their target

The other 3 mobs are usually called by color:
Green, Can cast Horror(Fear)

Try to discharge them with a mage and let your priests and scouts root them for a long time using freeze and lasso
Will despawn after 15 seconds or so

Every now and then the boss will call out a name and throw a weak AOE attack on that player,
that kills all the adds surrounding it

So stick together with the healers/mages/scouts so all adds will be gone there

Hitpoints 3,604,991 HP 4,001,120 HP n/a
Ancient Mementos Ancient Mementos 4 6 n/a


Guldamor (58 Crown Elite)

Tank just does his\her thing

Little circles are spawned near the boss which increases the damage done on the boss
(boss seems to get the buff himself too, but doesn't seem effected)

Boss will spawn red balls (Like Red Uguda, Cyclops Lair) using the attack Electric Charge
kill these balls as they will do damage to the whole field when the boss makes them explode with Magnetic Attack
(2000dmg to whole field for each ball in easy)

Boss will draw in a crystal twice quick in a row starting with the attack Energy Thirst
All except tank help killing that crystal, Boss won't attack at that point
(Good time to take some potions too)
If the boss grabs the crystal he will get a buff

(Effect unknown)

Hitpoints 4,501,260 HP 6,001,681 HP n/a
Ancient Mementos Ancient Mementos 4 6 n/a


Vrantal (58 Crown Elite)
Strategy: strategy needed

Hitpoints 7,201,131 HP 8,000,028 HP n/a
Ancient Mementos Ancient Mementos 4 6 n/a


Zygro (58 Crown Elite)
Strategy: strategy needed

Hitpoints 4,501,260 HP 5,001,401 HP n/a
Ancient Mementos Ancient Mementos 4 6 n/a


Mantarick (58 Crown Elite)


Kill the Light Warhorse and then Mantarick to get to Sydaphex

Hitpoints 413,882 HP 413,832 HP n/a
Ancient Mementos Ancient Mementos n/a n/a n/a


Sydaphex (58 Crown Elite)


While tank occupies Sydaphex, other players may get a debuff with a color. Click the colored crystal matching the color of the debuff before the timer runs out.

Hitpoints 2,250,630 HP 2,500,700 HP n/a
Ancient Mementos Ancient Mementos 4 6 n/a


Andaphelmor (58 Crown Elite)


Door color and locations. (mesh area is no door/color)

There are 6 different colored doors you need to pay attention to. While the tank keeps the focus of the boss in the center of the room, everyone else needs to select a door with a color and when they see a mob with a name in reference to a color they must grab the attention of a mob, take it to the corresponding color and kill it. Once dead the mob will activate a seal (a glowing circle) right in front of the door. When all mobs are killed or a certain unknown amount of time has passed, everyone in the party will receive a "color" in their debuff row under the mini map in the top right corner of their user interface. Depending whatever color it is in the debuff area, the person must run to the corresponding colored door and remove the debuff from inside the seal. Quickly step in the seal then right out. Standing inside the seal when the next wave begins, will cause the person to instantly die. Standing next to someone when the next wave begins, causes both persons to die instantly.

Note: The BLUE door is referred to as Ice by the monsters. In other words, the name of the monster will be Ice, not Blue.

Hitpoints 9,000,308 HP 10,000,588 HP n/a
Ancient Mementos Ancient Mementos 7 10 n/a