Green Leaf Dewdrop (quest)

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Crafting Quest
[+] Crafting
 [+] Planting
  [1][Crafting] Green Leaf Dewdrop (quest)
Icon - Start Quest.png Start: Novice Plant Seed Merchant
Related Items:
Icon - End Quest.png End: Novice Plant Seed Merchant
 XP: 12
 TP: 1
 Gold: 25Gold 
You will receive:
Title: Planting - Craftsman
Planting (Other)

Your skill level in Planting must be at least 20 in order to receive this quest.

There are 4 Novice Plant Seed Merchants that start/complete this quest. You must complete it with the same NPC you started it with.

I recently heard that there has been a strange fever going around Silverfall. None of the doctors' medicine is effective. It's said that the only way to be cured is to drink the early morning dew from green leaves.

If you have picked up any Green Leaf Dewdrops Green Leaf Dewdrops, could you give me one?
With this, I'm sure the doctors will be able to come up with some medicine to treat this strange illness!

(After completing this quest, your planting level limit will be raised to 40.)

Note: After you complete this quest you will be able to have up to 10 planting pots in your house.

If you have reached level 20 and still have not received a Green Leaf Dewdrop Green Leaf Dewdrop, try planting all level 1 seeds using the best available pots, water, and soil, and be very careful to be sure their health is at 100% when you harvest, and you should get one before too long.