Great Barrier (Quest Series)

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Great Barrier (Quest Series)
Epic Quest Series
Starting ZoneSavage Lands
Rec. Levels53 to 55
Previous One Thousand Years of Slavery
Next Envoy of the Dragons
Return the Glory
See alsoQuest Series
Epic Quest Series
The Elven Prophecy

This page refers to content introduced in the expansion, Chapter II: The Elven Prophecy.

This Epic series starts with Mynarvis in Savage Lands and concludes in Aotulia Volcano.

Savage Lands[edit | edit source]

For quest chain, see: Savage Lands chain in the Great Barrier quest series

  1. [53] Keluo Red Flowers - Gather 8 Keluo Red Flowers
  2. [53] Presenting a Bouquet - Place the flowers at the Simple Grave.

Yell Fendt
unlocked by completing Confirming Materials and Holy Relic Reappears in the Savage Lands quest series

  1. [55][Epic] Ancient Book from the Green Tower -
  2. [55][Epic] Returning the Book -


  1. [55][Epic] Fallen Elf Girl -
  2. [55][Epic] Kalen is Safe -


  1. [55][Epic] A Lady's Concern -
  2. [55][Epic] Bodo Village Chaos -
  3. [55][Epic] A Not-so-useful Clue -
  4. [55][Epic] Ancient Armlet -
  5. [55][Epic] A Hero's Name -
  6. [55][Epic] Checking Eduth -
  7. [55][Epic] Collecting Spirit Soil -
  8. [55][Epic] Mother Earth Ceremony -
  9. [55][Epic] Where Should You Look? -
  10. [55][Epic] Proof of Childhood Friendship -
  11. [55][Epic] Searching for Clues -
  12. [55][Epic] Inherited Treasures? -
  13. [55][Epic] The Wind God Descends -
  14. [55][Epic] Wind's Guidance -
  15. [55][Epic] The Bodos Cannot be Without the Gods! -
  16. [55][Epic] Strange Carving -
  17. [55][Epic] Ancestor's Memories -
  18. [55][Epic] Tibabus' Request -
  19. [55][Epic] Gathering Opinions -
  20. [55][Epic] The Key -
  21. [55][Epic] In the Distant Past -
  22. [55][Epic] Hermit's Invitation -
  23. [55][Epic] Return to the Green Tower -
  24. [55][Epic] Search of Great Importance - Meet Artaher at Titans' Hill in Aotulia Volcano

Aotulia Volcano[edit | edit source]

For quest chain, see: Aotulia Volcano chain in the Great Barrier quest series

  1. [55][Epic] A Special Method - Use the Rope to capture a Wilderness Otyugh and take it to Shalidor in Dimarka
  2. [55][Epic] Search for Hali - Find Hali in the underground cave and ask about the Stone of Nature
  3. [55][Epic] Hidden Cave? - Report back to Artaher
  4. [55][Epic] To the Hidden Cave - Enter the Hidden Cave
  5. [55][Epic] Resonance with the Spirit - Touch the Gel Crystals until they resonate to your soul
  6. [55][Epic] Special Crystals - Do the same with the Special Gel Crystals
  7. [55][Epic] Mysterious Crystals - Take the Gel Crystal Rubbing to Artaher
  8. [55][Epic] The Meaning of the Marking - Ask the Hermit about the Gel Crystal Rubbing
  9. [55][Epic] Sacrificial Lambs - Go to the Valley of Burning Rocks and use the Bags to capture 5 Naga
  10. [55][Epic] Dusty Barrier - Protect Artaher fromt he specters that guard the barrier
  11. [55][Epic] Distraction - Talk with Dimarka and give him the Stone Tablet Original
  12. [55][Epic] To Live or Die - Kill the incarnation of Dimarka and get the Dyed Flame Stone
  13. [55][Epic] Blood of Dimarka - Take the Package Package to Hali
  14. [55][Epic] Hali's Stratagem -
  15. [55][Epic] Pieces of Childhood -
  16. [55][Epic] Have you found the Stone of Nature? -
  17. [55][Epic] Hidden Secret -
  18. [55][Epic] Crazy Ending -
  19. [55][Epic] A Soul's Return -
  20. [55][Epic] Touching Sentiments -
  21. [55][Epic] Undefiable Orders -
  22. [55][Epic] Dying Ajir -
  23. [55][Epic] The Key to Victory -
  24. [55][Epic] Sirloth -
  25. [55][Epic] Returning the Stone of Nature -
  26. [55][Epic] King's Return -
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