Goblin Warning

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[+] Hidden Valley Mines
 [6] Goblin Warning
Icon - Start Quest.png Start: Gyor
Icon - End Quest.png End: Mrs. Helen

You need to be at least Level 4 to receive this quest.


Help Gyor deliver a message about the goblins to Mrs. Helen at Helen's Farm.

Thinning the Herd
Hidden Valley Mines
Quest Series
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We have a bit of a situation here, and I would appreciate any help you can give.

My aunt [Mrs. Helen] lives on Helen's Farm in the east, and I've been worried about her ever since those goblins showed up. Unfortunately, I am too busy to leave here, otherwise I would take care of this myself.

If you happen to be heading east, please tell her about the goblins. Walk along the road to the east until you see the crossroads to Helen's Farm; it's an easy find from there.

On Completion

Thanks kindly, young'un.

I was wondering why Gyor hadn't visited me for such a long time now. Now I know it's because of them nasty Goblins!

He must be so busy trying to handle them all, the poor thing.


  • Experience: 45
  • TP: 4
  • Money: 130
Thinning the Herd
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