Goblin Village

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Goblin Village
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Zone Aslan Valley
Expansion Ch.I: Rise of the Demon Lord
Resources Oak Wood [RP], Copper Ore [RP], Moxa [RP], Redwood [RP], Rock Crystal [RP], Foloin Nuts [RP]
Quest Series Aslan Valley

Originally this place was a human mining compound, but they were later frightened away by goblins. The little creatures intended to transform it into one of their centers. It was there, where under the guidance of King Kyrm Hammertooth, they established the Hammertooth Empire. Even though the compound is called “Royal Stronghold”, the goblins residing there can’t agree with the term. The village is a small cluster of huts protected only by a simple, wooden palisade. Now a peculiar large machine stands in the middle of the village relentlessly making noise day and night. Nobody knows exactly what it is, or what the goblins intend to do with it.