Goblin Mines

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A.K.A. the Goblin Games or just Gobs.
Map of Goblin Mines
Zone Information
Continent Candara
Type Minigame
Patch Patch 1.8
Level Range 42 to max
Connecting Zones
Quests Mobs Loot Objects

IF you crash while in the Goblin Mines, zone back in asap and you MIGHT reappear inside!

Talk to Mahler Palo [Goblin in Human's Clothing] in Silverfall (Aslan Valley) once per day. He will charge you 30Phirius Token Coins  to enter.

Mahler Palo will also offer to exchange a number of Goblin Champion Badges Goblin Champion Badges for titles.

The mobs inside are all Elite and equal to the level of the average of the party, making this quite soloable for a max-level toon and good for power-leveling.

Time Limit: 30 minutes

Treasure Chests may be found anywhere in the zone; in a side room, in a niche in the wall of a corridor, inside a hut, etc. Keep your eyes open! The only chests you are guaranteed to find are the four chests in front of the Elemental Forges.

Kill all the Worms, Goblins, and Elementals.

Items found in the Treasure Chests include:

For completing the minigame you also receive at least two of the following:

Note: Death in a minigame does not add to your XP or TP debt, but you do revive outside in Silverfall and may not be able to re-enter.

Goblin Mines Tutorial