Gathering XP Increase Potion

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see also: Crafting Potions
See Item Shop Items
Cost: 15Diamonds ($0.45) 
Maximum Stack Size: 99
Icon - Gathering XP Increase Potion.png
Gathering XP Increase Potion
Item Shop Item
Not dropped on PK death
Cannot be sold
Gathering experience points are increased by ___% for ___ hour(s).
(Effect duration also includes offline time.)
Potion Source % Chance
Duration Cost
Basic Gathering XP Potion Basic Gathering XP Potion Dyna - Archeologist
Salis - Archeologist
10.0% 1 hour 5,000Gold 50Phirius Shell 
Gathering XP Increase Potion Gathering XP Increase Potion Item Shop 100.0% 1 hour 15Diamonds ($0.45)