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The amount of Gathering XP earned per harvest when your skill is the same as the skill required is constant. As your level rises the XP needed to get to the next level increases so the percentage increase per harvest declines over time. What made 5% when you were in your 20's barely makes 1.3% at 44. Because of this it takes longer to level as you get higher and, unlike Combat XP, there is no way to improve this.

While harvesting you will see a numbered effect on your Effects Bar called "Collected Amount". Every time you harvest a resource this Effect gains 1 and the expiration resets to 10 min. Every 10 "Collected Amount" adds a rank to "Easy Harvest" and resets its timer to 5 minutes (gathering speed +5% times rank) and gets you one of the following effects:

The RoM Wiki recommends installation of the following Add-On via the Curse Client:
  • You've discovered a new technique whilst gathering.
    • Abundant Harvest - Increases gathered items by 300% for 30 seconds.
    • Nimble Harvest - Increases gathering XP gain by 50% for 30 seconds.
    • Rapid Harvest - Increases gathering speed by 100%, XP gain by 100% and character movement speed by 10% for 3 MINUTES.
    • You earn ____ experience points and ____ talent points. - The exact amount is a percentage based on your current level.
  • You've found an additional rare crafting material whilst gathering.

In order to continue ranking Easy Harvest up, remember that you need to reach the next multiple of 10 Collected Amount within 5 minutes!

After 99, your Collected Amount resets to 0. After 9 your Easy Harvest locks and will not advance until after it expires.

Professions[edit | edit source]

Herbalism[edit | edit source]

Herbalism (Gathering)

Ability to gather all types of herbs to be used for production.

Mining[edit | edit source]

Mining (Gathering)

Ability to gather all types of ore to be used for production.

Woodcutting[edit | edit source]

Woodcutting (Gathering)

Ability to gather all types of wood to be used for production.

Recipes[edit | edit source]

Instructors Locations
Herbalism Mining Woodcutting
1-20 Herbalism Instructor Mining Instructor Woodcutting Instructor Pioneer's Colony, Logar, Valley of Preparation, Morfantas City
1-40 Novice Herbalism Instructor Novice Mining Instructor Novice Woodcutting Instructor Varanas Lower City East, Crafting Square
1-60 Expert Herbalism Instructor Expert Mining Instructor Expert Woodcutting Instructor Varanas Lower City East, Crafting Square
61 Master Herbalism Instructor Master Mining Instructor Master Woodcutting Instructor Dalanis Central District
Recipe Merchants

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Leveling[edit | edit source]

All Crafting skills, whether Gathering, Production, or "Other" (except for Transmutation), level in exactly the same way.

Rank Limits †
Gathering Production
1-20 Apprentice 3 6
20-40 Craftsman 2 4
40-60 Expert 1 2
60-80 Master 1 1
80-100 Legend 1 1

For each crafting skill, the more experience you have using it, the more your skill level will increase. However, once you hit the upper skill level limit for your tier, you will not be able to continue increasing levels are promoted to the next tier by passing a special test.

There are also natural limits to the number of skills that can be promoted. You will be able to reach the apprentice tier for every skill. However, only 2 gathering and 4 production skills can be raised to the craftsman tier, only 1 gathering and 2 production skills can be raised to the expert tier and only 1 gathering and 1 production skill may be raised to the master and then to the legend tier. The gathering and production skills have separate upgrade paths.

If you have maxed out the number of gathering skills you can have at a given ability tier (craftsman tier is limited to 2 gathering skills, the expert tier is limited to 1 gathering skills, and the master and legend tiers are limited as well to 1 gathering skill), but you would like to promote another gathering skill to that tier, you must first demote one of your current gathering skills.

For example, if your mining and woodcutting skills have reached the craftsman tier (or above), but you would now like to raise your herbalism skill to the craftsman tier, you must first demote either mining or woodcutting to the apprentice tier. Only then can you raise your herbalism skill to the craftsman tier.

Once you have demoted a skill's tier, that skill's level will drop to the upper limit of its new tier level. In other words, if you demote a skill from the craftsman tier to the apprentice tier, that skill's level will drop to level 20. This means that if you want to raise that skill to the craftsman level again in the future, you will need to start training it from level 20 once more.

† All of these limits can be exceeded by purchasing and using Crafting Skill Expansion Tickets Crafting Skill Expansion Tickets, available from time to time in the Item Shop.

Old Gatherer and Patch 6.0.1 Issues[edit | edit source]

The above limitations apply as-is for characters who had not crossed the new patch 6.0.1's limitations before it was released. As far as it's known now, older gatherers who have already mastered more than two craftsman tier or above, or more than one expert tier or above gathering skills, (at least without having a dubious Heffner camp setup,) should be able to keep the skills which they were focusing on, and may upgrade one gathering skill to master tier and then to legend tier as well (they may have no more than one gathering skill at or above master level in any case). Your mileage may vary regarding various old characters' skill setups, but older characters' current gathering expertise should not be damaged by this change, or fall beyond that of those who had not trained their gathering skills to the higher tiers.

However, by information posted by YomanROM and Yrcanos, if you had crossed those limitations it would limit your advance in production skills as well, as your overall crafting skills at or above a specific tier will be additionally checked toward the currently allowed sum of such, and your advance will be capped according to both types of limitations together.

In essence, no newly created violation to the post 6.0.1 patch rule set will be possible and this beside a further cross skills current overall limitation. No achieved levels will be lost, as of now, unless one chooses to drop a level or more to re-enable advance.

  • A reference link to YomanRom's comprehensive explanation on current production and gathering skills limitations, made on US RoM forums: [A Post by YomanROM]

This note could be concluded after Yrcanos made a very informative clarification post in EU RoM forum. A link may be added later if it's allowed.

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