Garon Nest

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Garon Nest
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Zone Chrysalia
Expansion Ch.V: Fires of Shadowforge
Resources Rein Crystal [RP], Olegan Stone [RP], Thunderhoof Grass [RP], Todo Ginkgo Tree [RP]
Quest Series Chrysalia

Scent-Masking Potion

In order to enter the Garon Nest you will need to mask your scent so that the Garon Myrmex will think you are one of them. To do this you need to talk to Shass Webb and start the quest Garon Myrmex Report in the Clash of Good and Evil quest series.

If, for some reason, you lose the Scent-Masking Potion effect (death removes it) simply return to Shass Webb and ask him to reapply it.