Fusion Stone Slab

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Maximum Stack Size: 1,000
Transmutation (Other)
Fusion material 01.png
Fusion Stone Slab
Not dropped on PK death
Cannot be sold
To fuse special materials with the Arcane Transmutor, insert into the fusion interface: Fusion Stone Slab Fusion Stone Slab ×4 to extract 1 Purified Fusion Stone Purified Fusion Stone.

Recipe - Fusion Stone Slab Recipe - Fusion Stone Slab
Requires craftlink: unrecognized profession level 1
Raw Materials:
Fusion Fragment Fusion Fragment ×4
Fusion Stone Slab Fusion Stone Slab ×1
This item is part of an upgradable set. Each piece is craftable using craftlink: unrecognized profession (1). Each piece's recipe requires the previous piece as an ingredient.
  1. Fusion Crystal Sand Fusion Crystal Sand
  2. Fusion Fragment Fusion Fragment
  3. Fusion Stone Slab Fusion Stone Slab
  4. Purified Fusion Stone Purified Fusion Stone