Frost Rune

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Worth: 1Gold 
Maximum Stack Size: 100
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Frost Rune
Worth: 1 Gold
Production Rune
For other articles with related titles, see Production Rune.

Used in Blacksmithing Recipes of level 11 and higher.

Production Runes have a chance to drop from every single mob in the game.

NOTE:You need to be three ( 3 ) or more level BELOW the mob to get the best amount of runes

Bags containing 100 of any specific Production Rune can be bought in the Item Shop for 15Diamonds ($0.63)  (Ruby Bonus is 8Rubies ).

Lowering Temperatures[edit | edit source]

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Frost Rune
Not dropped on PK death
Quest Item
Cannot be sold
A special rune that is used to cool down nearby particles. Suitable for X-type Water Processing Devices.