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Frenzy Skill war berserk.png
Warrior Primary only
Instant Cooldown 5 minutes
Greatly increases attack speed, accuracy, and damage for 15.0 seconds.
Class Warrior
Type Primary only
Type Utility
School Buff
Cooldown 5 minutes
Range Self
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Other Information
Min. Level 1
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Frenzy is one of three skills a Warrior begins with, learned at level 1. It is a desperation cooldown that significantly increases damage output for a short time.

Notes[edit | edit source]

Frenzy is the Warrior 5 minute level 1 cooldown skill. As advertised, it increases attack speed, accuracy, and damage. While the values for attack speed and accuracy are not known at this time, the damage increase appears to be around 15%. It is best saved for desperate situations, such as PVP, near death, or when killing multiple mobs.