Foul-mouthed Cudder (Quest)

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This quest is recommended for 3 players.

The video, below, shows [46] Picking on Chickens through [48] Foul-mouthed Cudder, plus a few other quests that follow those.

|youtubeid=mguaILVGb_E|youtubenote=This video covers this quest chain from [46] Picking on Chickens to [48][Group] Foul-mouthed Cudder, plus a small side-quest.

Quest chain:

  1. [46] Picking on Chickens
  2. [47] A Simple Weeding Job
  3. [47] Fishing?
  4. [48] Breakthrough in Reputation
  5. [48][Group] Foul-mouthed Cudder
  6. [49] Hunting Brave Bill (RW/Ggl)
  7. [50][Group] Make a Bet With Brave Bill