Forbidden Love

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[+] Dust Devil Canyon
 [+] Order of Dark Glory Garrison
  [43] Forbidden Love
Icon - Start Quest.png Start: Sabelia
Icon - End Quest.png End: Darhill Chisom

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  1. [43] Forbidden Love
  2. [43] Inescapable Fate
  3. [43] Sabelia's Decision
  4. [43] Affection Expressing Bell Flower
  5. [48] Unhappy Sabelia
  6. [48] Shape of the Intruder
  7. [48] Lover's Concern
  8. [48] Making a Necklace of Hope
  9. [48] Blessing for Life
  10. [48] Canceling the Engagement
  11. [48] A Very Angry Tamo Siko
  12. [48] Finding the Adventurer
  13. [48] Disheartened Adventurer
  14. [48] Modest Support
  15. [48] Delivering the Ring
  16. [48] Sylvester's Blessing

You need to be at least Level 41 to receive this quest.

You need to be at least Level 35 to turn-in this quest.


Help Sabelia bring Sabelia's Ring to Barbarian Darhill Chisom waiting at Khalara Plateau.


Sabelia's Ring 0/1


I am Sabelia, the daughter of the Order of Dark Glory's battle officer, Chad.

Recently, on my way back from the Harf Trading Post, I was attacked by a Minotaur. My body guard held it back long enough for me to escape.

It was already the middle of the night with the sound of monsters everywhere by the time I got back to Dust Devil Canyon. I was frantic and I had used all my energy getting back, so I fell into the canyon...

When I woke up, I discovered that a Barbarian had saved me and treated my injuries. He even injured his own left arm in the process. It took us a long time to walk out of the canyon, but we agreed to meet again at Khalara Plateau.

We fell in love after meeting a few more times. We knew about the rivalry between the Order of Dark Glory and Tempest Height, but this rivalry shouldn't include those wanting peace...

It seems like my father has noticed something, so he has forbidden me from going out lately. Please give this ring to the Barbarian Darhill Chisom with a navy blue arm band in Khalara Plateau and tell him that I will not be able to go.


As expected, our status has decided our fate.

Sabelia is a kind girl. We both wish to avoid the killings, unfortunately, we have the blood of enemies...


Experience: 30579
Money: 3,543