Fang Shoulder Armor

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ID#: 226524
Worth: 567Gold 
Dropped by:
Eq hm male shoulder 10 mob-paysh-leather-01.png
Fang Shoulder Armor
Tier 3
Requires Level 60
Leather Shoulders
Worth: 567 Gold
+604 Maximum HP
+115 Physical Critical Hit Rate
+690 Physical Attack
(Randomly obtain additional attributes)

Brave and Fierce (4) Leather
Fang Leather Boots Fang Leather Boots
Fang Helmet Fang Helmet
Fang Shoulder Armor Fang Shoulder Armor
Fang Leather Jacket Fang Leather Jacket
2 Pieces: +65 Dexterity
3 Pieces: +1140 Physical Attack
4 Pieces: +130 Physical Critical Hit Rate
Needed for Item-Set Skill: 4
Create Tendrils (Scout)


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