Enigma Zone

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Map of Enigma Zone
Zone Information
Continent Candara
Type Event Instance
Level Range 1+
Connecting Zones Silverspring (Varanas Central Plaza)
Quests Mobs Loot ObjectsPOIs

When you zone into Enigma Zone you may end up under the landing platform in the middle of the Core Field. If you do, do not panic! There is a way out! Just change your point of view to under the platform so you can see the blue-green glowing lines. Now maneuver between them to get closer to the outer-edge of the platform and, as you approach, jump repeatedly. One of them should jump you out. It takes some practice but is not that hard once you see it happen.

Note: With their typical efficiency, the map of this zone is BADLY misaligned. Do NOT trust your position as shown on the map, but the representation of the zone is still accurate.

Although you may not summon a mount while in this zone, if you were on one when you portaled into the zone, you may remain mounted until an action dismounts you.

There are 5 regions in this zone:

BTW, in case you were wondering... the elven letters in the spinning green ground target that marks where the Resark is about to attack? The letters mean nothing. I took a picture, wrote them out and translated it. The message is gibberish. Three words were "w t d th dh n r h   t d th n dh   dh h t". Like I said, gibberish. They are not English or Elvish. Notice there are consonants only? There are no vowels. The script is Quenya, from "LotR: The Return of the King", but the writing has no meaning.

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