Enhanced Green Lotus Robe

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ID#: 221846
Worth: 156Gold 
Recipe worth: 1Gold 
Recipe Dropped by:

This item is created by TailoringTailoring (12).

Tailoring (Production)
Eq torso-robe020-01.png
Enhanced Green Lotus Robe
Tier 1
Requires Level 12
Worth: 156 Gold
(Randomly obtain additional attributes)

Recipe - Enhanced Green Lotus Robe Recipe - Enhanced Green Lotus Robe
Requires TailoringTailoring level 12
Raw Materials:
Willow Lumber Willow Lumber ×4
Beetroot Sap Beetroot Sap ×2
Green Lotus Robe Green Lotus Robe ×1
Stone Rotan Timber Stone Rotan Timber ×1
Disenchant Rune Disenchant Rune ×1
Worth: 1 Gold
Enhanced Green Lotus Robe Enhanced Green Lotus Robe ×1
Crafting Cost: 138Gold 

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This item is part of an upgradable set. Each piece is craftable using TailoringTailoring (12). Each piece's recipe requires the previous piece as an ingredient.
  1. Green Lotus Robe Green Lotus Robe
  2. Enhanced Green Lotus Robe Enhanced Green Lotus Robe