Emergency Defense

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[+] Clash of Good and Evil
 [+] Cadoon
  [77][Group] Emergency Defense
Expansion: Ch.V: Fires of Shadowforge
Icon - Start Quest.png Start: Ashley Sud (RW/Ggl) @ Cadoon
Related Mobs:
Icon - End Quest.png End: Ashley Sud (RW/Ggl) @ Cadoon
 XP: 1,042,371
 TP: 104,237
 Gold: 7,909Gold 
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Fires of Shadowforge

This page refers to content introduced in the expansion, Chapter V: Fires of Shadowforge.

You need to be at least Level 75 to receive this quest.

You need to be at least Level 69 to turn-in this quest.

This is a GROUP quest. Good luck.

Goals: Defeat the Kladoren Dipper


When you are ready to begin the encounter, hail Ashley Sud and tell him you are ready. You will face two waves of a Kladoren Explorer and a Kladoren Tracker, followed by the third wave with the Kladoren Dipper (77 Elite) and 2 Kladoren Trackers. It is strongly recommended you ask a high-level guildie, or several on-level friends, to come help, as this is THE bottleneck in this series.

Warning! When the Kladoren Dipper appears he will come right at the quest-holder regardless of aggro at that point.

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Clash of Good and Evil
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