Elemental Crystal (Raw Material)

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Worth: 7Gold 
Recipe Cost: 0Gold 
Recipe Sold by:

This item is created by Alchemy (1).

Alchemy (Production)
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Elemental Crystal (Raw Material)
Raw Material
Worth: 7 Gold

Recipe - Elemental Crystal (Raw Material) Recipe - Elemental Crystal (Raw Material)
Requires Alchemy level 1
Raw Materials:
Magical Crystal Sand Magical Crystal Sand ×2
Fire Crystal Sand Fire Crystal Sand ×2
Fragment of a Wand Fragment of a Wand ×4
Crushed Purple Jade Crushed Purple Jade ×4
Elemental Crystal Elemental Crystal
Crafting Cost: 0Gold 

As with all Alchemy Recipes, the Crafting Cost represents the cost of the glassware plus any cost to use the Crafting Station (as displayed on the Crafting UI).

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