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This summarized page lists in-game items or topics best summed up with a single wiki article. This is so we can avoid making dozens of pages all dealing with slight variations of the same thing. If they are created at all, the individual pages should all redirect here.

An Element is a special material, rewarded from some quests, tasks, and packages from all Festivals and used in the creation of a Zodiak Pet. They come in four attributes:

Use the Arcane Transmutor to fuse 3 of an Element into a Stardust of the same attribute.

As of patch 7.0.2 Zodiac Pets are no longer the top of the pet food chain.

You can trade all 12 Zodiac Pets of the same age plus some Draconeris to get a Draco Pet Card. Talk to Arthomon [Draco Keeper] about all things related to Draco Pets.