Edliss Ruins

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Edliss Ruins
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Zone Chrysalia
Expansion Ch.V: Fires of Shadowforge
Resources Thunderhoof Grass [RP], Todo Ginkgo Tree [RP], Olegan Stone [RP], Dovetail Flower [RP]
Quest Series Chrysalia

This area consists of four areas, three of which have quest givers:

The following Service NPCs can be found within this POI. To find your way to one, simply use World Search and enter the name, then follow the arrow.

Note: Yaxx and Vare sell only the level 61 and 66 HP and MP potions. Several quests here will transport you back to Front Line Alliance Camp in Ancient Kingdom of Rorazan. It would be a good time to stock up on level 71 potions before heading back.

Level 66 and 71 potions are sold in Sagthorne Camp.