Disassembly Mode

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Disassembly Mode
Disassembly Mode Sp har 003.png
Champion Item-Set Skill
Range Self
Activates Disassembly Mode.

This skill cannot be activated during combat or while Shield Form is active. Increases caster's accuracy by 5.0% and turns 80.0% Stamina into Strength.

Class Champion
Type Item-Set Skill
Type DPS Mode
School Modelation
Cooldown None
Range Self
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Other Information
Min. Level 55
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Disassembly Mode is the second Modelation Skill available to Champion, a DPS Mode.

How Get Skill[edit | edit source]

Extract from the Fearless Chainmail Set sold by Nabod Klein in Dalanis.

Only Skills of Mode[edit | edit source]

(It doesn´t have)

Improved Skills[edit | edit source]

Elite Skills Mode[edit | edit source]

(It doesn´t have)

Notes[edit | edit source]