Diamond NPC deactivation

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Diamond NPC deactivation
15 January 2013

Dear Rommunity,

With the server mainteance on the 15.01.2013, there will also be a de-activation of the diamond NPCs.

Why will we do this?

The Diamond NPC was brought in as a replacement to the diamonds in the auction house.

This lasted a long time and as a result, it became a more or less permanent part of the game, despite intentions otherwise. We recently re-introduced diamond trade in the auction house together with reduced diamonds obtainable from the NPCs.

Now is the time to de-activate the diamond NPCs completely,as the auctionhouse has now been reactivated and it is being used more frequently again. Players that want to sell diamonds to others are no longer tied to the price of the NPC when it comes to pricing diamonds and so now players can define the market price themselves.

We wish that you all continue to have lots of fun in Taborea!

The RoM-Team.