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This is a minigame started by the Special Training Manager. See Drill Ground.

[+] Drill Ground
 [20][Guild Daily] Destiny
Icon - Start Daily Quest.png Start: Special Training Manager (Guild Drill Ground)
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Icon - End Daily Quest.png End: Drillmaster

Quest Chain
For a list of all minigames available here, see Drill Ground.

You need to be at least Level 18 to receive this quest.

This quest may be performed only once per day.

You need to be at least Level 12 to turn-in this quest.


The rules:

During the course, the Drillmaster may give you tips. Be sure to watch for them!


When you are done, the Drillmaster will offer to exchange some of your Reward Medals for valuable items. The Destiny Badges Destiny Badges will vanish when you leave the Minigame Instance so you need to spend any you have while you are here. The Lucky Badges Lucky Badges are persistent and do not vanish, BUT they are not shown in your Currency Wallet.

Magic Effects
Icon Effect Name Description
Icon - Standstill.png Standstill Movement Impairing Effect
Cannot move except under the influence of a Destiny Ring Destiny Ring
Icon - Fast Lane.png Fast Lane Movement Improvement Effect
Speed increase by 35%
Icon - Decelerated Life.png Decelerated Life Movement Impairment Effect
Speed decrease by 60%
Rewards Available for Exchange with the Drillmaster
Item Cost
Destiny Ring Destiny Ring Destiny Badge Destiny Badge ×30
Potent Luck Potion Potent Luck Potion Destiny Badge Destiny Badge ×25
Big Angel's Sigh Big Angel's Sigh Destiny Badge Destiny Badge ×20
Reset this minigame (play again) Destiny Badge Destiny Badge ×15
Phirius Special Water - Type E Phirius Special Water - Type E ×3 Destiny Badge Destiny Badge ×10
Phirius Potion - Type D Phirius Potion - Type D ×2 Destiny Badge Destiny Badge ×4
Phirius Elixir - Type D Phirius Elixir - Type D ×2 Destiny Badge Destiny Badge ×4
Destiny Ring Destiny Ring Lucky Badge Lucky Badge ×50
Guild Rune Guild Rune Lucky Badge Lucky Badge ×20