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Delicacy from a Book

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Daily Quest
[+] Snowflake Festival
 [+] Snowland
  [1][Event Daily] Delicacy from a Book
Icon - Start Daily Quest.png Start: Chuck Hotpot (RW/Ggl) @ Winternight Valley Camp ( 28.7, 34.6 ) (Snowland)
Related POIs:
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Icon - End Daily Quest.png End: Chuck Hotpot (RW/Ggl) @ Winternight Valley Camp ( 28.7, 34.6 )
 XP: 12
 TP: 1
 Gold: 25Gold 
You will receive:

This Snowflake Festival quest may be repeated ONCE PER DAY.

He gives you a Bag of Chicken Eggs. Take them to the Hot Spring and get the Bag of Hot Spring Eggs.

(Act quickly since the pond will be covered up with snow after a certain time.)

You may need to click on the Hot Spring more than once to get the Bag of Hot Spring Eggs so watch your Chat UI to see when you get them!

Digging for Hot Springs
Quest Series
Winternight Valley Camp
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Snowflake Festival This page relates to a quest, mob, event, or item involved in the annual Snowflake Festival (December to January)
Relevant Topic: Winternight Valley Camp