Defensive Formation

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Defensive Formation
Defensive Formation Skill war24-2.png
Warrior General
Requires 25 rage
Instant Cooldown 2 minutes
Increases defense of all teammates by 5.0% and decreases offense by 5.0% for 60.0 seconds.
Class Warrior
Type General
Type Utility
School Buff
Cooldown 2 minutes
Range Self
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Other Information
Min. Level 16
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Defensive Formation is a self-buff Warriors may use to increase their survivability at the expense of their damage output. It increases your raw physical defense value by a certain percentile and decreases your raw physical attack value by the same amount.

Rank Table[edit | edit source]

Defensive Formation
Level Defense
0 500 5 %
5 1000 10 %
10 1500 15 %
15 2000 20 %
20 2500 25 %
25 3000 30 %
30 3500 35 %
35 4000 40 %
40 4500 45 %
45 5000 50 %
50 5500 55 %
55 6000 60 %

Notes[edit | edit source]

  • Defensive Formation is a useful utility to any Warrior and any class using warrior as its secondary in situations where a character expects high levels of damage, especially tanking. Like Berserk, Defensive Formation's duration is half as long as its cooldown, but its mitigation during the minute it is up is formidable at higher levels. It is especially useful in group situations; highly ranked, it can allow the tank to live through dangerous berserks and then cancel the skill when the threat is over to maintain aggro.
  • While the attack penalty is fairly steep, Knight/Warrior and Warrior/Knight tanks have access to abilities that generate threat in addition to damage derived from the physical attack stat. While current in-game threat mechanics are little understood, at least publically, one can assume that the attack penalty resulting from Defensive Formation does not translate into an equivalent decrease in threat generation. Mages with warriors as their secondary class probably do not care about the loss of physical attack in the least.