Defensive Energy Crystal (Object)

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Defensive Energy Crystal
Type Quest
Zones Chrysalia
Location(s) Omega Platform
Related Quests

This object can only be interacted with when you have one of the listed Related Quests.

If the crystal is red it is depleted. Click on it to recharge the crystal.

If the crystal is blue it is fully charged. If you click on it you merge with the crystal and can use it's defensive capabilities.

Available skills while using a fully-charged Defensive Energy Crystal
  • Crystal Energy Attack: Attacks a target using crystal energy (range: 250, 1 sec CD)
  • Crystal Energy Explosion: Invokes an area bombing on the target, causing heavy losses (range: 300, 11 sec. CD)
  • Strong Will: Creates a chield that protects you and the crystal (Cast: 3 secs, 23 sec CD)
  • Desperate Will: Through amazing willpower, the time you and the crystal merge into one is extended (instant, 19 sec CD)
  • Escape Control: Remove yourself from the merge (Cast: 1 sec)