Defeat the Spiders

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[+] Tutorial
 [1] Defeat the Spiders
Icon - Start Quest.png Start: Robin(new) (Tutorial)
Related Mobs:
Icon - End Quest.png End: Robin(new)
 XP: 134
 TP: 13
 Gold: 50Gold 
Choose one of:
You will receive:
Title: Novice Adventurer Novice Adventurer


You must help Robin to defeat the Ravine Spiders.

Goals: Spider King's Poison Spider King's Poison 0/1

I've just found some Ravine Spiders in my yard. My little helpers are trying to defeat them. However, I'm very worried about them. They could get hurt! Can you do me a favor? They are just behind the fence! Please!


Please! I can not deal with those hairy creatures...

Mithra, hurry up and take Character Name to help!

Character Name This is Mithra, he will guide you to find those damn Ravine Spiders! Please!

On Completion

I wasn't mistaken! You have true hero potential! I'll prepare some rewards for you. You can pick whichever one you like best. I hope that it will be helpful on your journey.

Heroes like you can help the citizens in Candara! Pioneers Colony is not far from here. Let my Mount give you a ride!


After accepting the quest, the player is joined by Mithra who will lead the player to the Ravine Spiders (of which there are three). Mithra will have these items to say in chat:

  • Character Name Let's go, quickly! Those awful spiders are just behind the fence there!
  • Oh Right! Right! You will see numbers in your action bar at the lower right corner of the screen. The numbers are the same as the numeric keys at the left side of the keyboard. You can use them to enable skills.

After killing the three Ravine Spiders, the Ravine Spider King and a few more Ravine Spiders will appear, and the player will be asked to complete an additional quest (there is no way to complete the quest without this 'additional' step). Additional quest is to kill the Ravine Spider King, which will provide the player with the necessary Spider King's Poison Spider King's Poison.