Deep Sea Vermin

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Deep Sea Vermin
Race (MCT)Worm (Humanoid)
LevelNon-Player Character
Mob Skills Flesh Burst (RW/Ggl)
LocationHeart of the Ocean
Race: Worm

If you have a picture of this specific mob, you can upload it to File:Deep Sea Vermin.jpg


To find this mob in-game, use BACKSPACE to open the World Search window, then enter Deep Sea Vermin in the Search field and click "Search". Remember, the field is case-sensitive and must be entered exactly as shown.

This mob does not have a Monster Compendium card.

The Vermin move in a fixed pattern. It is kind of like jumping rope. Watch for the pattern and move through as quickly and smoothly as you can. If you touch one, you get hit with Flesh Burst.

Flesh Burst is a DoT that does 300.0 damage every 2 seconds for 60.0 seconds.