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[+] Howling Mountains
 [+] Dead Tree Cave
  [9] Dead Tree Cave Samples
Icon - Start Quest.png Start: Highly-skilled Doctor (Howling Mountains)
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Icon - End Quest.png End: Highly-skilled Doctor
 XP: 212
 TP: 21
 Gold: 501Gold 

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Prequel A:

  1. [8] A Father's Distress
  2. [8] Safe and Sound

Prequel B:

  1. [8] Plant Mutations
  2. [8] Sharlin's Report
  3. [9] Dead Tree Cave Samples
  4. [9] I've Got a Bad Feeling About This...
  5. [9] Preparation
  6. [9] Strength of the Seal


  1. [9] Dion and the Spear of Logar
  2. [9] Destruction of the Gathering Magic

You need to be at least Level 7 to receive this quest.


The Highly-skilled Doctor in Logar requests that you enter Dead Tree Cave in the west and obtain 5 samples of Demon Spider Fluid from Dead Tree Demon Spiders and 3 samples of Bat Saliva from Dark Bats.

Goals: Demon Spider Fluid 0/5
Bat Saliva 0/3

Sharlin's Report
Howling Mountains
Quest Series
Dead Tree Cave
I've Got a Bad Feeling About This...
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Things are, shall we say, not good. Could you do me a favor?

I analyzed the poisonous liquid of the wild spiders in this area, and found it to be similar to that of common spiders. However, when I checked into it a bit further, I found that there is in fact a tiny bit of magic within it.

Interestingly, the report I got from Sharlin indicates that the identical phenomenon was detected in the plants near the Dead Tree Cave.

The townspeople have told me that the spiders and bats in the cave are much fiercer than in other areas, and now, with news of this magic-tinged liquid... Well, I worry that there may possibly be a demon hidden somewhere within the cave, a demon so powerful that it affects the surrounding creatures.

I need more evidence. Please enter Dead Tree Cave and get Demon Spider Fluid and Bat Saliva, so that I can perform further tests.

This may be very dangerous, so I would suggest finding some like minded adventurers to help you complete this task.

- Highly-skilled Doctor, Resident Doctor


The townspeople refer to the spiders in the cave as Dead Tree Demon Spiders, while the bats are known as Dark Bats. As you might guess, these two creatures are very fierce, and you must take care in dealing with them.

On Completion

I have prepared the reagents for testing. Please wait a short while.

The results will be available soon.

- Highly-skilled Doctor, Resident Doctor

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  • Experience: 212
  • TP: 21
  • Money: 501


Sharlin's Report
I've Got a Bad Feeling About This...
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