Dawn of War (Quest Series)

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Dawn of War (Quest Series)
Starting ZoneSyrbal Pass
Rec. Levels81 to 85
Previous Clash of Good and Evil
Next Pirate Island
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Armor Sets[edit | edit source]

Dawn (level 81, Good)

Rewarded by quests in the Dawn of War quest series (except as noted) in Sarlo. Each armor type has it's own set name but collectively we will refer to them as the Dawn set.

Proper Names

Source Quests

Pirate Island (level 84, Good)

Rewarded by quests in the Pirate Island quest series in Wailing Fjord. Each armor type has it's own set name but collectively we will refer to them as the Pirate Island set.

Proper Names

Source Quests

Syrbal Pass[edit | edit source]

  1. Kargath Duran
    1. [81] The General's Strategy - Go to Gubod Village and get some Tranquilization Tea from Boleeda
    2. [81] A Secret Meeting - Use the Leaf of Wind to be transported to Hyern Village to meet Antaikolon
  2. Antaikolon
    1. [81] Holy Tree Gutai - Talk to Gutai
  3. Gutai
    1. [81] The Earth's Deep Reservoir of Memory - After your transformation into the Holy Tree Envoy, release the "Memory of the Earth" you now embody to Callaway Kalume at Old Border of Wylant.
      • You can take any path available to you, including Transport Book. While in deer form you cannot be attacked. When you get to Old Border of Wylant you will find the king, sleeping, in the tent behind Jasmine "Firefly" Angerfang.
      • In-game you are mistakenly informed you need a party of 4 or more to do this. This is TOTALLY false.
  4. Callaway Kalume
    1. [81] The Sword of Light - Say the name of the sword, Ilansar
    2. [81] Bloodline Crucible - Talk to Kargath Duran
  5. Kargath Duran
    1. [81] Finding Jill - Take some Bread to the tower and talk to Jill Ayekin
  6. Jill Ayekin
    1. [81] Explosions in the Sky - Continue speaking to Jill Ayekin
      • When she bites into the bread she finds a Rune Stone and you are both instantly transported to Edliss Ruins in Chrysalia
  7. Callaway Kalume
    1. [81] Mutual Benefit - Observe While King Kalume and Jill Ayekin discuss a deal
    2. [81] Accept Fate - Talk to Jill Ayekin
  8. Jill Ayekin
    1. [81] Returning to the Front Line - Give the Management Order to Kargath Duran
      • Apparently you need to make your own way back of Old Border of Wylant. Hope you took our advice and dropped some ink there!
  9. Kargath Duran
    1. [81] A Quandary for the Alliance - Go to the entrance arch to Sarlo and meet with Morrock Wallinder just inside Syrbal Pass

Sarlo[edit | edit source]

Patrace Woodlands[edit | edit source]

  1. Morrock Wallinder
    1. [81] A Blanket Search - Carry out surveillance at the Marking Rune in the South Forest, Marking Rune in the Middle Forest, and Marking Rune in the North Forest
    2. [81] A Timely Alert - Go to the Throne of Earth and alert Kargath Duran

Throne of the Earth[edit | edit source]

  1. Will Kanches [Lechif Representative]
    1. [81] An Unseen Threat - Talk to Salandis

Wall of Patrace[edit | edit source]

  1. Salandis
    1. [81] A Missing Surveyor - Search for Wogg Blackchain

Balanzasar Volcano[edit | edit source]

  1. Wogg Blackchain
    1. [81] The Stubborn Surveyor - Get Armament Part ×5 from Dropped Component
  2. Morrock Wallinder
    1. [81] Given a Surveyor - Ride Wogg No. 5 to the suspicious piece of equipment (Elemental Furnace) near the Flame Temple
      • Nothing will attack you while riding Wogg No. 5 but they will attack your pet. Also, you will automatically dismount just as you reach the Elemental Furnace, so any mob that is close when that happens will be very annoyed.
      • IF Wogg No. 5 vanishes a short distance from it's creator, leave them there and go to the Elemental Furnace on your own. The quest will auto-complete.
    2. [81] The Only Way - Go to the Elemental Furnace and operate the Furnace Control Valve. After, meet Morrock Wallinder at the entrance to the Flame Temple.
    3. [81] Becoming a Pro Negotiator - Persuade Fire Dragon King Patkelos
    4. [81] Patrace's Savior - Talk to Salandis at Wall of Patrace
  3. Midonor
    1. [81] The Rule of Midonor - Give the Medical Supply Bag Medical Supply Bag to Will Kanches at Fierce Fang Front Line

Fierce Fang Front Line[edit | edit source]

  1. Will Kanches
    1. [81] Wounded Outrage - Use the Hundred Flower Essence Hundred Flower Essence on 5 Angry Injured Limon Warrior to calm them down
    2. [81] Entering Treacherous Territory - Find Suspicious Charm Suspicious Charm ×10 from Suspicious Item in the Flaming Wastelands

Flaming Wastelands[edit | edit source]

  1. Morrock Wallinder
    1. [81][Group 3] Chimeras - Discuss the situation with Morrock Wallinder
      • You are transported to the strange circle directly in front of Morrock. You are under attack by Mystical Giant Punisher (80 Crown Elite, 2mil HP). He is not the worst problem, though, as throughout the fight Zurhidon Raiders constantly run through the fight and attack you. If you do not keep them clear the damage starts to add up fast.
    2. [81] Chimeras - Discuss the situation with Morrock Wallinder
  2. Will Kanches
    1. [81] Crisis - Talk to Will Kanches
  3. Callaway Kalume
    1. [81] Preparing the Seal - Talk to Bankelemos
  4. Bankelemos
    1. [81] Battle Status - Find Kargath Duran at Boiling Lake

Boiling Lake[edit | edit source]

  1. Morrock Wallinder
    1. [81] Glancing Back - Go to Tower of Balance to met with Morrock Wallinder (talk to Jill Ayekin instead)
      1. If Morrok is not at Boiling Lake, go find Leoryo just east of Boiling Lake. He will give you a quest called Ambush, complete this quest and then get quest Safe Zone from Leoryo. Go turn quest Safe Zone into Kargath Duran at Boiling Lake. You will then need to get the quest Completed Water Source Apparatus from Chacha and Eating Delicious Food from Patch. Complete both quests, then Morrok will show up at 25.3,38.9
  2. Complete quests for Nynke in the Sarlo quest series.
    1. Wounded Nynke
    2. Crazy Fairies
    3. Overlook Survey
    4. Destroy the cursed device.
  3. Jill Ayekin
    1. [81] The Seal Ceremony - Speak with Bankelemos, observe the scene, then talk to Morrock Wallinder and finally talk to Bankelemos again.
      • Sadly. you canot get the defensive shield spell from Nynke again, so you will have to run through the faeries. On the bright side, although they still con red, the Fairy Guardians no longer seem inclined to attack you. Not sure about the large, as I avoided them.
  4. Crogg Sharptooth [Supreme Knight]
    1. [81] Attack and Retreat - Go to Old Awytar

Old Awytar[edit | edit source]

  1. Tabalion Ronna [Alliance Medical Officer]
    1. [82] Scattered Medical Supplies - Get Emergency Supplies ×10 from Medical Supplies
    2. [82] Dirty Tricks - Ask the Alliance warriors what happened
  2. Callaway Kalume
    1. [82] Truth and Lies - Tell Jill Ayekin about the explosion
  3. Jill Ayekin
    Elemental Search skill
    1. [82] No Escape - Get information from Morrock Wallinder (get to know the details) and use Elemental Search to find new clues (find a trace). Find the Burnt Story Book, get the Charred Storybook Charred Storybook, and go show it to Jill Ayekin.
  4. Jill Ayekin
    1. [82] To See for Oneself - Talk to Bankelemos
  5. Bankelemos
    1. [82] Scattered Powers - Set 4 Device Absorb Points
    2. [82] Sealed and Agreed - Complete Loub's Sealing
    3. [82] One For All and All for One - Talk to Midonor, Jasmine "Firefly" Angerfang, Jessie Mocliff, Will Kanches and Iswan Giant about Jill Ayekin
    4. [82] Joining the Fight - Meet with the others inside Belathis Fortress, talk to Bankelemos and join in the assault
      • The heroes will help you fight the mobs inside Belathis Fortress. Although they are strong, they are not fast and this assault has a time limit. However, succeed or fail, the quest still completes and all you have to do now is go back to Old Awytar and talk to Callaway Kalume.
  6. Callaway Kalume in Old Awytar
    1. [82] My fellow warriors, the battle has finished - Return to the Front Line Alliance Camp with Morrock Wallinder
    2. [82] Steps to the future - Talk to your fellow heroes and learn their plans for the future

And, lastly...

  1. Callaway Kalume at Front Line Alliance Camp
    1. [83] Hidden Danger - Talk to Callaway Kalume in Aren

Continue questing in the Pirate Island quest series.