Dawn (Item Set)

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Dawn Item Set (Required Level: 81)
Members and Set BonusesAppearanceMembers and Set BonusesAppearance
Advocate of Dawn (7) Cloth
Ancient Weaved Pants (RW/NRW/Ggl)
Ancient Weaved Belt (Hands) Ancient Weaved Belt (Hands)
Ancient Weaved Short Boots (RW/NRW/Ggl)
Ancient Weaved Belt (Belt) Ancient Weaved Belt (Belt)
Ancient Weaved Helmet (RW/NRW/Ggl)
Ancient Weaved Shoulder Guards (RW/NRW/Ggl)
Ancient Weaved Robe (RW/NRW/Ggl)
2 Pieces: +380 Intelligence
4 Pieces: +2280 Magical Attack, +1520 Healing Power Increase Points
7 Pieces: +509 Magical Accuracy
aka Dawn
Dawn Walker (7) Leather
Ancient Leather Leg Guards (RW/NRW/Ggl)
Ancient Leather Gloves (RW/NRW/Ggl)
Ancient Leather Boots (RW/NRW/Ggl)
Ancient Leather Belt (RW/NRW/Ggl)
Ancient Leather Helmet (RW/NRW/Ggl)
Ancient Leather Shoulder Guards (RW/NRW/Ggl)
Ancient Leather Chestpiece (RW/NRW/Ggl)
2 Pieces: +380 Dexterity
4 Pieces: +2280 Physical Attack
7 Pieces: +509 Accuracy
aka Dawn
Pioneer of Dawn (7) Chain
Ancient Antique Belt (RW/NRW/Ggl)
Ancient Antique Boots (RW/NRW/Ggl)
Ancient Antique Gloves (RW/NRW/Ggl)
Ancient Antique Helmet (RW/NRW/Ggl)
Ancient Antique Leg Guards (RW/NRW/Ggl)
Ancient Antique Shoulder Guards (RW/NRW/Ggl)
Ancient Antique Armor (RW/NRW/Ggl)
2 Pieces: +380 Strength
4 Pieces: +2280 Physical Attack
7 Pieces: +509 Acuracy
aka Dawn
Dawn (Chain Item Set)
Guard of Dawn (7) Plate
Ancient Refined Belt (RW/NRW/Ggl)
Ancient Refined Steel Boots (RW/NRW/Ggl)
Ancient Refined Gloves (RW/NRW/Ggl)
Ancient Refined Helmet (RW/NRW/Ggl)
Ancient Refined Leg Guards (RW/NRW/Ggl)
Ancient Refined Shoulder Guards (RW/NRW/Ggl)
Ancient Refined Armor (RW/NRW/Ggl)
Fruit of Growth Fruit of Growth
2 Pieces: +266 Stamina
4 Pieces: +2280 Physical Attack
7 Pieces: +509 Accuracy

Set Notes
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Rewarded by quests in the Dawn of War quest series (except as noted) in Sarlo. Each armor type has it's own set name but collectively we will refer to them as the Dawn set.

Proper Names

Source Quests

See also: Item Set Skills for a table of all Items Sets, by class, and what extractable skills they have.