Daily Quest Ticket

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See Item Shop Items
Cost: Item Shop: 35Diamonds ($1.04)  for 1
  350Diamonds ($10.44)  for 10
  700Diamonds ($20.89)  for 20
Phirius Merchants: 780Phirius Token Coins 
Sold by:

Using the Planting skill, this item can be grown from the following seed(s):
Moon Flower Seed Moon Flower Seed (1)

This item comes from Purple Treasure Chest

This item comes from:

Quest paper04.png
Daily Quest Ticket
Item Shop Item
Not dropped on PK death
Resets the amount of Daily quests that players can finish back to 10.

Here is the thing to do with all those Phirius Token Coins Phirius Token Coins you get from doing Dailies. Whenever you have a few stacks (you get enough every 7.8 days when you do all available Dailies every day), go to one of the Phirius Merchants, spend them on Daily Quest Tickets Daily Quest Tickets, and put them in your Item Shop Backpack. Hold onto them until the next Taborean Academy XP/TP Boost event, then spend as many as you have the strength to grind through. You should not need to wait long, as they usually have one every 4-8 weeks.

Beware!!! There is no cooldown on these, so IF you click more than once the system may use more than one of these and the extras are burned!

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