Cyclops Stronghold

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Cyclops Stronghold
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Zone Dragonfang Ridge
Expansion Ch.I: Rise of the Demon Lord
Resources Tarslin Demon Wood [RP], Moon Silver Ore [RP], Sinners Palm [RP]
Quest Series Dragonfang Ridge


Map of Cyclops Stronghold
Rise of the Demon Lord

This page refers to content introduced at launch, with Chapter I: Rise of the Demon Lord.


Zone Information
Continent Candara
Type Instanced Dungeon
Expansion Ch.I: Rise of the Demon Lord
Level Range 47 to 50
Connecting Zones Dragonfang Ridge
ResourcesThere are no harvestable resource nodes in this zone.
Max Players 6
Progress Saved? No
Quests Mobs Loot Objects
Once founded as the Cyclops capital, the Cyclops stronghold was attacked and partly destroyed by the Capra from the Sascilia Steppes a few decades ago. Because of that, the size of the Cyclops Stronghold shrank to a small part of the northwestern summit.

After humans started to build settlements close to the stronghold, the Cyclops king succeeded in unifying the tribes and the Cyclops area spread to its current size. To this day the Cyclops are using some of the captured human settlements southwest of the stronghold as breeding farms.— from

Best route from Varanas to Cyclops Stronghold: Snoop Portal to Lyk in Dragonfang Ridge, then overland.

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