Crafty Bernok (Mob)

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Crafty Bernok
Race (MCT)Wolf (Beast)
Class Rogue Rogue
Warrior Warrior
Level18 Crown Elite aggressive
HP: 77,310   Crit: .6%
Mob Skills Evasion+1 (RW/Ggl), Throat Attack+1 (RW/Ggl), Blind Stab Blind Stab+1, Neck Strike+1 (RW/Ggl), Assassins Rage Assassins Rage+1
Respawn† 00:01:30 GDRT
Crafty Bernok

† The Respawn Timer of a Boss or World Boss may vary by as much as plus or minus 33% to discourage Spawn Camping.

To find this mob in-game, use BACKSPACE to open the World Search window, then enter Crafty Bernok (Mob) in the Search field and click "Search". Remember, the field is case-sensitive and must be entered exactly as shown.

A Word About Common Drops: Every mob in the game has a chance to drop Health Potions, Mana Potions, Ammunition, Runes and Festival Items, as well as a few rarer items such as Amulet of Light Amulet of Light. For this reason, we discourage listing them in the Known Drops section. See Common Drop Table for more information. Exception: All mobs always drop the same Production Rune and we will list it. Also see Silverspring (Zone Loot Table) for more information about common drops in this zone.

He can be found in the monster compendium, the guide written by the legendary Mage Vahtos, due to the fact that he turned into a monster after an accident during an experiment. He is cunning by nature but he can not find the source of things he smells.

I tried this as a 16/15 K/Wr and he laughed at me. I used ALL of my Holy Sealx4 on him and exploded it, twice. It did not scratch him. By then I was at about 50% health and I ran. Rereading the quest text, it is possible my mistake was in not dispatching the adds first.

I returned as a 19/18 K/Wr and, although it was long and cost me half my HP, I did finally kill him. --Bludwyng (talk) 20:13, 14 August 2018 (UTC)