Crafting Skill Expansion Ticket

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See Item Shop Items
Maximum Stack Size: 1
Icon - Crafting Skill Expansion Ticket.png
Crafting Skill ____ Expansion Ticket
Item Shop Item
Not dropped on PK death
Cannot be sold
Use it to be able to raise 1 addition crafting skill to the ____ tier.

A Crafting Skill Expansion Ticket increases the number of gathering and production skills a character can raise to the named tier. There are four types of ticket, one for each tier from Craftsman to Legend. All four are offered for sale intermittently in the Item Shop for Diamonds.

By default, your Crafting skills have limits to advancement.

Tier Limits †
Gathering Production
1-20 Apprentice 3 6
21-40 Craftsman 2 4
41-60 Expert 1 2
61-80 Master 1 1
81-100 Legend 1 1

Refining skills are not really tiered. Your level is the same as the associated Gathering skill so you could say they share the same limits, but not really. The "Other" skills, Planting and Transmutation, have no limits. Actually, Transmutation is the only crafting skill that is not tiered so limits would not apply in any case.

With these Tickets you can rank all 3 Gathering and 6 Production skills all the way to Legend in violation of the normal limits.

When available, there will be one Ticket for each Crafting Skill tier limit:

Just use a ticket of the correct tier, then accept and complete the Crafting Skill Advancement Quest for the skill you wish to raise. A ticket only raises the limit on the named tier. For example, raising a second gathering skill from Craftsman to Legend requires an Expert ticket, a Master ticket, and a Legend ticket, to raise the limits for all of those tiers to 2.

These tickets are seen for sale just once, maybe twice, a year. When you see them, be sure to get all the tickets you are gonna want for the year. They are not all that expensive and, after they go away, it is too late to realize you want one.

Note 1: These tickets do NOT stack! Each consumes 1 slot somewhere, so be sure you have storage open to hold them long-term if you plan to buy a bunch.

Note 2: Your expanded, higher, crafting rank limits are not displayed in game anywhere so it would be a good idea to keep these tickets in your Item Shop backback until you need to use one, then use it and immediately raise your skill, to avoid confusion.