Comrade from the Fellowship of the Holy Stone

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Quest Diad
[+] Merdhin Tundra
 [+] Pahvalosa
Expansion: Ch.V: Fires of Shadowforge
Icon - Start Quest.png Start: Celonia (RW/Ggl) @ Pahvalosa (Merdhin Tundra)
Related Mobs:
Icon - End Quest.png End: Celonia (RW/Ggl) @ Pahvalosa
Fires of Shadowforge

This page refers to content introduced in the expansion, Chapter V: Fires of Shadowforge.

This is a GROUP quest. Good luck.

[77][Group] Comrade from the Fellowship of the Holy Stone
 XP: 1,042,371
 TP: 104,237
 Gold: 7,909Gold 
You will receive:

[77][Public] Crushing Dread
 XP: 0
 TP: 0
 Gold: 0Gold 
You will receive:

  • Min Level: 75
  • Turn-in: 69

  • Min Level: 75
  • Turn-in: 69


All quest groups (diads or triads) start with the Main, non-repeatable quest, which unlocks the repeatable quests.

MainDestroy the Zalkenrys
PublicDestroy the Zalkenrys


To get Zalkenrys to appear, run around the plateau and kill many machines. At some point you will see a broadcast message that Zalkenrys has been activated.

Merdhin Tundra
Quest Series

About Public Quests

Public Quests are infinitely repeatable. Those in Coast of Opportunity and Xaviera reward XP, TP, Gold, and an Old Bag Old Bag (hence the common sobriquet, Bag Quests).

In all other zones they do not reward XP, TP or Gold, only Public Event Points Public Event Points. In all other aspects they are the same as a Daily Quest (except for the infinitely repeatable part and the rewards).
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