Colorweave Festival

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The Colorweave Festival
Activity NPC’s
Varanas, Central Plaza
  • Lilelle [Phirius Weaving Guild] ( 52.6, 57.8 )
  • Tirion [Phirius Weaving Guild] ( 52.0, 58.4 )
  • Yanikki Nirr [Phirius Weaving Guild] ( 49.8, 53.6 )
Varanas, Central Plaza
“Wandering NPCs”
Varanas, Guild Hall (Outside)
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Doll Challenge[edit | edit source]

  • Activity NPC: Rebel Saiji
  • Event type: fight with event skills against NPCs
  • Start location: Varanas Central Plaza
  • Requires: party between 3 – 6 people
  • Event Target: play the right melody


Notes: More to come when others attempt this event.

Here is a comment from giogreymon you might find helpful:

You have to fight a lvl 60 doll. I got 2 new skills: 1 to replenish a party member's [Power?] which is used to cast the other spell which i believe is an offensive spell. We lost but we did get a package containing Phirius Potion D ×10 and Phirius Elixir Phirius Elixir ×10. - Originally Posted by giogreymon

Prototype Breathable Clothing[edit | edit source]

Activity NPC: Yanikki Nirr

Description: Yanikki is quite excited to have your help to “persuade” other players to promote the Guilds new Prototype Breathable Clothing. She will give you one (1) Prototype Breathable Clothing to use on other players. Run around and “persuade” them; you’ll see a buff with a counter on your target. When you persuade a person nine (9) times they will “gladly” try on the Prototype Breathable Clothing. Do this a total of four (4) times and then return to Yanikki to receive your random reward.

This activity lasts for about one (1) hour, but you can complete it anytime during the day. You can also give Yanikki feedback any time after someone else persuades you to wear the Prototype Breathable Fabric. You can complete both of these once a day.

Rewards: (Initial loot table, based on past events) - 1 x 5 Arcane Transmutor Charges
- 1 x 10 Arcane Transmutor Charges
- 1 x 50 Arcane Transmutor Charges
- 3 x Big Angel's Sigh *
- 1 x Bank Space Scroll II (7 Days) *
- 1 x Bank Space Scroll III (7 Days) *
- 1 x Bank Space Scroll IV (7 Days) *
- 1 x Bank Space Scroll V (7 Days) *
- 1 x Breathable Fabric (24h) * (3 Day) * (7 Day?) (Permanent) * [10min illusion 60min cooldown]
- 6 x Guild Castle Transport Stone *
- 5 x Golden Brilliance (Fireworks) *
- 5 x Hearts Alike (Fireworks)
- 6 x Home-sweet-home
- 3 x Magic Fortune Grass *
- 5 x Magic Fortune Grass
- 5 x Midsummer Heat (Fireworks) *
- 3 x Moonlight Pearl
- 5 x Moonlight Pearl
- 5 x Nebula Diffusion (Fireworks) *
- 3 x Phoenix's Redemption *
- 5 x Skystar Flash (Fireworks) *
- 3 x Sunset Ear of Grain *
- 5 x Sunset Ear of Grain

<All your rewards belong to us!>


Notes: Taborea isn’t known for its accurate timepieces, and these activities aren’t an exception. The event starts an hour earlier than posted, it’s also several minutes late and ends a couple minutes early. You can only get the Prototype Breathable Clothing during the event times, but you can complete the quest anytime during the day. You do not need to have an active prototype illusion buff to leave feedback. Once someone else persuades you for that day you will be flagged to leave your daily feedback with Tanikki.

Activity Times: (Channel 1 is about 15-20 seconds ahead of Channel 2)

12:04 – 13:02 PST
15:04 – 16:02 PST
18:04 – 19:02 PST
21:04 – 22:02 PST

Hints: So where do you find players that are easy to target and that mostly doesn’t act like a ferret on crack? The Auction House is a good place to start or if you feel like re-dressing everyone’s’ favorite gold spammers, then they could at least look good while spamming us.

You can also team up with someone and persuade each other. Click off the five (5) minute Prototype illusion and persuade them again. Repeat this until you both have completed the task.

Classic Clothing Expo[edit | edit source]

Activity NPC: Lilelle

Description: For all those augmenters out there, this activity is for you! Lilelle coordinates three (3) auction showcases during each Clothing Expo event. There can be only three (3) winners per auction showcase. Registration is required and sign-up start ten (1) minutes before the activity, and once the activity starts you will not be able to sign-up until the next one. Once you have signed-up, you will receive a forty (40) minute buff called Attending Clothing Expo, then wait for the Expo to start!

At the start of each showcase the Expo Models will walk the catwalk, do a couple poses and stand to either side of the stage at the coordinates listed below. You’ll have five (5) minutes to look over the models and decide if you want to bid your Breathable Silk Breathable Silk. The highest three (3) bidders win! Bidding is done through Lilelle in increments of ten (10), thirty (30), or fifty (50) from the current highest bid. When your bid has been accepted, a ten (10) minute buff with your auction ID will appear. Lilelle will not tell you if someone outbids you, so be proactive during the auction.

Once the auction is called, winners will have three (3) minutes to claim their Clothing Swap Qualifications buff from Lilelle and then you’ll have three (3) more hours to claim your reward from Tirion. (Not that you will need three (3) hours, it takes just a couple seconds.)

This will happen two (2) more times.

The currency for this activity is Breathing Silk; these will drop off any mob that yields EXP/TP for you. They are also tradable.

Description: Tirion will give you a costume package. When opened, you will receive one (1) random piece from the set you bid on according to your character’s gender. The descriptions on the packages are very clear.

- Adam's Set (Male)
- Baroque Noble Set (Male & Female)
- Cowgirl Set (Female)
- Demon Lady Set (Female)
- Eve's Set (Female)
- Fanersai Banquet Set (Male)
- Golden Snowflake Festival Set (Male and Female)
- Music Festival Set (Male and Female)
- Mysterious Butterfly Set (Female)
- Sexy Bunny Set (Female)
- Strange Clown Set (Male and Female)
- Vampire Count Set (Male)
- Wild Thorn Set (Male)
- Wild Warrior Set (Male)

Notes: Just as a courtesy, initially bid in increments of ten (10) Breathable Silk Breathable Silk, once there are at least three bidders then go crazy. This way people who want a less popular costume could skate with using as few silks as possible. In a couple weeks and with our bags full of silks I’d expect the bids to get quite large, just because they can.

There will be a server wide announcement when sign-ups start.

Expo Models final position: - Female Expo Model (52.7, 57.1)
- Male Expo Model (51.5, 58.2)

Activity Times: (Channel 1 is about 15-20 seconds ahead of Channel 2)

10:54 – 11:34 PST – Starts @ 11:04 PST
13:54 – 14:34 PST – Starts @ 14:04 PST
16:54 – 17:34 PST – Starts @ 17:04 PST
19:54 – 20:34 PST – Starts @ 21:04 PST

Hints: The Auction House is really close and you do have five (5) minutes to place bids.

General Event Notes:

The Activity: Prototype Breathable Clothing loot table is unknown; I posted an initial guess based on past festivals until we get more feedback from the community. I do not know if there are other guild resources other than ore, herbs, and wood, but hopefully there might be some hidden guild runes!

Magic Weaving Machine[edit | edit source]

Activity NPC: Jamie Rayer

Description: Jamie Rayer wants you to weave as much cloth as possible, using the weaving machine at her side. After accepting her request, you will get a key to start the weaving machine. Clicking on the weaving machine will start it and three boxes will appear in front of the weaving machine: thread (blue), scissors (yellow) , shuttle (red). After a view seconds a message appears indicating which item is required by the machine and you need to click the corresponding box. Besides the text message, the floor below the weaving machine is flashing in the color of the box, that you need to click. But the machine is slightly defective and several errors can occur:
- error in the info message: this means, that you must ignore the text message and choose the required item from the color below the machine
- error in the matrix message: this time the color below the machine is wrong, but the text message is correct
- error in the info message and the matrix message: this means that both the text message and the color are wrong - you must click the item that does NOT match the color and the text

Rewards: depending on how many pieces of cloth you manage to weave, you will get 'general weaving material packages' (1-5). If you manage to weave 21 pieces you will get a 'godly weaving material package'. These packages can be traded at Kyle Cronn for additional rewards.

Magic Tailor[edit | edit source]

Activity NPC: (?)

Event time: between 8:00 am and 11:00 pm - register between 20th and 30th minute. Event starts at 30th minute (sometimes 1 min earlier)

Description: Activity NPC is surrounded by a large colored bubble. During the event small colored bubbles appear and move towards the large bubble. You will get two skills: elemental deflection (?) and elemental destruction (?). You must target the small bubbles and if the small bubble matches the color of the large bubble, you should use 'elemental deflection' - otherwise use 'elemental destruction'. If you apply the correct skill, you will earn point - otherwise you will lose points.

Rewards: depending on how many points you collected, you will get 'general weaving material packages' (1-5). If you manage to get more than 71 points you will get a 'godly weaving material package'. These packages can be traded at Kyle Cronn for additional rewards. Also depending on your score you will get 'water elements' (1-5), which can be used to build a cancer zodiac pet.

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