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Map of Chrysalia
Fires of Shadowforge

This page refers to content introduced in the expansion, Chapter V: Fires of Shadowforge.

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Zone Information
Continent Balanzasar
Type Public Outdoor
Expansion Ch.V: Fires of Shadowforge
Level Range 72 to 75
Connecting Zones Ancient Kingdom of Rorazan, Merdhin Tundra
TownsSagthorne Camp
ResourcesRein Crystal [RP], Stone Pine [RP], Dovetail Flower [RP], Olegan Stone [RP], Todo Ginkgo Tree [RP], Thunderhoof Grass [RP]
QuestsSeriesDailies Mobs ObjectsPOIs
A region torn asunder by the ravages of war. The tribes that call this land home have taken up arms against one another, and you’ll get caught up in the crossfire! Your journey begins at the last bastion of King Kalume and his alliance and continues deep into the heart of Chrysalia, following closely in Maderoth’s wake.— from us.runesofmagic.gameforge.com